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    Your favorite TNA Wrestler?

    For me, It's Desmond Wolfe.. This guy is once again the full package, his promo's are great & very entertaining. It's just a shame TNA aren't using him properly.
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    I have to say Mr. Anderson and Fortune Anderson has stayed healthy and is the most charsmatic man on the roster atm imo and fortune I can see as the future that takes TNA to that next leaval that they need. AJ: The Golden Boy, Kaz: The soild mid carder but never quite breaks out and Beer Money: The Greatest team TNA history (Home Grown wise) it just screams future with it imo

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    for me it would have to be, amazing red, hes small but charismatic and amazing in-ring ability

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    Gimmick: Abyss
    In Ring Ability: The Pope
    Mic Skills: Mr. Anderson
    Best At What He Does?: RVD
    Full Package: A.J. Styles

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    I would say Desmond Wolfe, Samoa Joe or Rhino

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    Amazing Red for sure! His match he had with Lowki ages ago made me decide this

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    My favourites to watch wrestle are AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, the old school "gonna kill ya" Samoa Joe is also pretty awesome when he's in full swing.

    I think the guy that COULD be the standout in the near future though is Ken Anderson. I felt at the time when WWE let him go that it was a big mistake and it still could be. The guy has the potential to be the next Rock or Steve Austin!

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    So many greats in TNA right now.

    RVD is the top man right now, but Angle is a great wrestler. I am from the UK and follow the UK wrestlers but I can't figure out why so many are into Wolfe, I must be missing something. Pope is too big headed, Lethal is great. But Flair is the wrestling GOD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tcarms920 View Post
    for me it would have to be, amazing red, hes small but charismatic and amazing in-ring ability
    Charismatic? He always come's off as really shy and awkward on the mic. Great talent don't get me wrong

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    aj styles my fav out them all hes been great and stuck with tna for 8 years some of the moves he does are amazing, kurt angle aswell one of my favs ever wouldnt have expected him to have stuck with tna for the past 4 years, motor city machine guns and beer money best tag teams right now in wrestling


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