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    I cringe at some of Zack Ryder's "Woo Woo Woo" moments. Zack is a very entertaining man and he sells a ton of merchandise for the WWE. If he continues to rake in the dollar signs then he would be a main-stay in the upper-mid-cards. The only reason I have a hard time believing in him as a valuable player to the main event scene is mostly his theme song and just the overall way he carries himself. This nasty view I have of him might just be because I always pictured him as a Christian-ish type of heel.
    I dont have a problem with his theme. Infact I think it's perfect for him!

    Once the jersy shore hype dies down then yeah, change it asap
    Untill then thought it totally works for him BROSKET!!

    I sing along as sson as he comes out!!

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    It gets old fast.

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    Well....Zack Ryder was the reason why Jersey Shore is even relevant.

    If he can make his gimmick better, it will be really good. But as a wrestler, he is still getting there but its good to see another star born. They have to use him right.


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