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    I don't want to see a stupid match like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blinker View Post
    ^^^ So true.

    I remember watching Rodman and Malone wrestle in WCW. It was the most cringe worthy match I ever watched. It was SO BAD. They don't need to put in filler matches at Wrestlemania.
    Lol at the image of Karl Malone showing off his wingspan

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    The WWE think this will get them more media attention. I don't know how well Snooki at this year's Mania worked for them getting buys, but it's worth it if their buyrates go up.

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    It is the same thing every year with the WWE, nothing new having a celebrity in a match or involved in some way. Is it entertaining? Not really but it's become a tradition at 'mania as much as Takers streak. No use complaining because since when does VKM give a shit. He is in it for the money which is why he made the best part of 'mania (the MITB Ladder match) into its own ppv. Dick move but it is what it is, just like the celebrity matches at mania :/ plus Big Show deserves so much better than that shit. One of the longest serving guys on the roster and they put him in ridiculous matches. Not saying give him a championship match but a good feud with decent build up would be nice.

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    Why waste Shaquille's match on a PPV that will already generate 1 million PPV buys. I'd have it on another PPV like SummerSlam.
    I do think it will be good though.

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    I can already hear the boring chants
    Damn I need a better catchphrase

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    You guys are crazy, I thought it was awesome how Shaq got involved with Big Show a couple of years ago with Jericho. This is brilliant I think would be alot better than what snooki was. Shaq had always talked about doing WWE when he retires from NBA. This is perfect. I really think it would be fun to watch. As long as they give both rest before they can put a good show on. I personally would like it to be hardcore type match not just a simple 1 on 1 match.

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    Ok so how about instead of making a match making a match between show and henry for WWE Championship. Shaq is special Ref. Would that be too hard to handle ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jledwig View Post
    Ok so how about instead of making a match making a match between show and henry for WWE Championship. Shaq is special Ref. Would that be too hard to handle ...
    No one wants to see that feud again. Most of the matches had dirty or unfinished endings and it was slow and boring.



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    It would definitely SUCK but this is the type of time fillers that WWE use so I wouldn't be suprised if they put it on the card



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