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    Who is A double?
    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Nature boy View Post
    Ziggler of course but im going to go with 2 500/1 bets, tyler black and A double

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    I just don't see Barrett being as big as Ziggler though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Yup, Barrett will undoubtedly have a huge future!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraNightviper View Post
    I just don't see Barrett being as big as Ziggler though.
    Possibly but I think Ambrose could outdo them both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShockMaster View Post

    Said it for me. I like Ziggler, but I think Cody has so much waiting for him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraNightviper View Post
    Who is A double?
    Austin Aries, TNA guy. Great wrestler, really awful nickname.

    Dolph has been pretty amazing the last while. Barrett has been interesting since the start of NXT, I cheer every time I see a mic in his hand.
    There's some interesting things going on in the mid card atm, even the championship stories aren't revolving around Orton/Cena.

    Now if only Swagger and McIntyre were doing better I'd have nothing to be whine about

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    Dolph Ziggler. He is a mix of HBK and Mr Perfect !!!!

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    Seth Rollins. Ambrose is the new Piper.
    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    I'll third that. Angelina looks like a heroin addict. Her skin is more leathery than Hogans.
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    I've said it before and I'll say it again; Instead of Chyna concentrating on getting back into wrestling she needs to concentrate on getting that 8 inch she-bean that she has hanging between her legs removed...

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    The next showstopper is WADE BARRETT


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    Well not Orton and Cena lol!

    I'd say Dolph Ziggler is the best candidate. His character at the moment is that of a cocky arrogant heel, much like HBK's early days. Ziggler's also flamboyant and great in the ring. Let the guy have some freedom on the mic, and I think he's your next 'Showstopper'.
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