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    The Next Showstopper?

    In a recent interview, the original showstopper HBK was asked who he believes can take over as the next showstopper. He gave the safe names of Orton and Cena but who do you think will be the next showstopper in the WWE? Not necassarily the guy who's going to get 10 world title regins and be the new poster boy but the guy who the WWE can depend on to put on a big time performance when called upon. Is he currently on the main roster? Is it someone in FCW? Or maybe someone still paying his dues in the indy scene waiting to get that dream call from the WWE?

    Admittedly, I don't follow the indies or FCW so I'll make my pick based on what I see on the main roster. For me it's Dolph Ziggler. Right now this guy is the best in ring performer currently in the WWE and that includes Bryan and Punk. He just has that IT factor that others lack. He also seems like the guy that doesn't seem to bothered about accomplishments and more concerned about putting on a clinic. Much like Michaels after he returned from his back injury.

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    I can def agree with Dolph Ziggler, he is a great performer in my opinion! He has the look, charisma and attitude to be the next showstopper. I could also see how Shawn can say Cena and Orton, I mean they are both main eventers. lol.

    I would like to say CM Punk, but i'm not sure.

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    There will never be another HBK. For one thing HBK had the terratories to learn his craft in, he spent years in World Class, Memphis and the AWA and other places to learn his craft before even coming to the WWE. The indy's are just not as good to learn your craft.
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    The next showstopper or the next HBK?? lol

    Obviously no one will ever be the next HBK.

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    I think Ziggler is going to be immense! He just has that extra something about him, that gives him the edge over most others!

    If you're looking even further ahead, I can see a huge future in Dean Ambrose! He's been superb in FCW and he'll be moving up to the Main Roster from next year! Watch this guy!!

    If my dream comes true though and Barrett faces Taker at WM, this'll push him through the stratosphere!

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    Ezekiel Jackson, he literally stops the show.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
    Ezekiel Jackson, he literally stops the show.
    lmfao..though I actually like him, wrestling needs power guys like him as well as good workers.
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    What murph said is true. There will never be another HBK. But that next HBK - like wrestler should definitely be Dolph Ziggler. I haven't seen the dude have a bad match in months!

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    Only one Showstopper. The Icon. Mr Wrestlemania. However, I think Dolph shows promise but he's never going to measure up to Shawn. I think the dude phrased the question wrongly but we can't really say Punk because he's been great this year but it's about doing it forever. I'm not an indie follower but I'm just looking forward to someone coming in and making a huge impact on the universe.

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    Dolph is smooth as silk in the ring.
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