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    Awesome everybody wanted a change and I think this is great change, Orton Batista Cena era was boring as hell


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    I'd rather see someone else with the US title but hey. :P Its a cool picture. Good to see some new people holding the titles.

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    I think something strange just happened in my pants thinking about them forming a faction..
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    Quote Originally Posted by the-rocks-stunner View Post
    you need to remove your sig.... Tommy's pic=priceless
    Haha, Everton fan?

    My old sig was loved this one gets a mixed reaction, now I know what Cena feels like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    How good does this picture look

    I can't help but smile every time I see it. No Cena. No Orton. A new generation of champs. Very refreshing.
    Damn I saw this on a WZ guy's sig and thought it was fanmade. Awesome pic! They even got Cody to smile :P

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    What Punk said on Twitter was genius:

    "Get behind this or get left behind"

    Pretty cool, if only they were a faction...

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    It's a cool picture! But that fact that Danielsons title isn't in shot properly bugs me!!

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    That pic is freaking epic! maybe the less epic are Air Boom, but I don't see who can be tag champs instead (Usos?) The most epic would have been KOW but not possible now (who knows in the future)

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    I like the pic too but on another note how long do you think they will let Daniel keep the whc?

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    Its truly a great picture with the right people in it!


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