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    Anyone else on here not pessimistic about Daniel Bryan's title run?

    It seems like every last person on here thinks that Daniel Bryan will be losing his title ASAP, but I am not convinced. I think Bryan holds his title till Wrestlemania and I predicting that he retains at Wrestlemania! Is this a bold prediction? You bet your ass it is, but I have faith that the WWE is legitimately interested in pushing actual wrestlers. If this was Raw I'd be a little more worried, but since this is Smackdown! land of actual wrestling I have faith in Bryan's title run.

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    To claim that hell keep it until Mania is a bold prediction. To say he'll retain at Mania is even bolder!
    I hope you're right is all I'll say!
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    I really don't know what to think about Daniel Bryan and his WHC, and what will be his reign. I have more doubts than I have faith, but serioulsy we don't know. If he retains until Wrestlemania then he would be the longest reigning champ since Kane in 2010 with approximately 100 days (Kane=154 back in 2010)

    It's hard to have faith....

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    I hope to God they give him the reign he truly deserves.

    Daniel Bryan has been wrestling for 12 Years! He has busted his ass so hard to get to that championship. He broke his eye socket, turned into a vegan to continue wrestling, got fired unjustly in 2010, tied for match of the year with Undertaker and HBK in 2010 when he faced Dolph Ziggler, and put over everyone person he faced. For 2011, they've used him to advance almost all of their feuds, storylines, and world champions like Alberto Del Rio. He may have lacked build up, but goddamn it he deserves to be a world champion! He deserved it and I'm happy he got it.

    WWE. Do this man justice and have him at least hold it until Wrestlemania.
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    I'm glad he's "getting the ball" now I hope he runs like mofo =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Deluxe_08 View Post
    when he faced Dolph Ziggler,
    Who can forget his matches vs Dolph Ziggler. They were simply amazing ! When 2 of the best workers in this company face each other, you have an AAA match. Same for Punk vs Del Rio. You can only expect the best !

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    My prediction is this, he will retain at RR in 3-way with Big Show and henry, then lose at Elimination chamber.

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    I dont think he will hold it any longer than elimination chamber

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...


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    I reckon he will be given to WM to prove himself.

    It is going from one extreme to another when the title changes hands between two completely different superstars.

    Lets hope he is given more of a run then Christian was. But with how many title changes there has been this year anything can happen.

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    The way I see it going is he'll lose the belt on his first title defense provng that he wasn't ready to be champion. He builds himself back up and wins the championship back at Wrestlemania. Or at least that's how I'd book it.


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