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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    And what ? Whatever, both guys even in the midcard can do better than a main event match with Miz, Cena or Orton in it, so I don't care if it's for the WHC or IC or nothing !
    Yeah these two in a match is pretty much better than anything else WWE has put together lately (outside of Ziggler)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hit Man View Post
    It wouldn't surprise me if Bryan loses the belt before Christian returns. Although a good long fued between these men could help both men even if the WHC isn't involved.
    Not sure if it would help either of them but it would help restore my faith in wrestling =)

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    Bryan can still be booked to have a match at Mania for the WHC. IF they work on him and have him win a #1 contender's match after he loses the title the first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
    Lawl a Christian vs. Bryan match.
    When exactly do you expect them to face each other?
    Bryan doesn't need to be carried on promo's, he's fine.
    He surely can learn from Christian.

    Much like how AJ Styles did back in TNA with Christian


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