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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    We really need to get these threads merged. You successfully Ninja'd us both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtavares3467 View Post
    It's been said a million times, it's not believable and no one wants to see that
    That's what people say but the undertaker vs triple H or kane=booooooooring


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Expendable View Post
    That's what people say but the undertaker vs triple H or kane=booooooooring
    I'd rather watch masked kane vs taker over taker vs rookie any day, kane and taker have rich history

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    maybe you're right but I would rather so see the undertaker against other guy


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death View Post
    We really need to get these threads merged. You successfully Ninja'd us both.
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    Whilst a HHH v Taker match isn't that appealing. There match at last years WM was, IMO one of the best matches. I think IF HHH v Taker happens it will be a career v streak match, seeing HHH lose and leave so he can concentrate on his other role.

    I don't see much else for HHH to do really, and maybe his storyline with Nash was his way of sorting a mate out before he quits.

    Taker v Jericho would be great.


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    I think it would be cool if Drew McIntyre ended the streak and became the real chosen one.

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    Alberto Del Rio should be the one to end the streak haha
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    After years of shrugging it off, Cena's beginning to get annoyed by his haters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Expendable View Post
    Why not a young guy? ending the undertaker's streak would be the push of a life time for any of the young guys
    It's been said before: It wouldn't be believable, and that guy could flop like Alberto Del Rio. Or get injured or leave the company. It's all possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death View Post
    @Wrestlinfan608: What The Brown One; and Adreme said is true. The person Undertaker faces at WM 28 has to be someone who we actually believe can beat him at WM. It's more a show of respect than anything else. There are only a few wrestlers on the roster now that could establish that believable moment in history while at the same time honoring and showing respect to Taker and his accomplishments. Here's my list of who I think possibly deserves that most honored of spots at WM, and reasons why. (Not listed in any specific order):

    Triple H - Undertaker and HHH have a history a mile long. Their first WM meeting was at WrestleMania X-Seven, then again at WrestleMania XXVII. The story build up revolves around Shawn Michaels being friends with HHH, and also with the respect for Undertaker The Game talked about in the build up for last years WM. Not to mention the beating he gave Taker last year and the remarks at the RAW afterwords stating that he would be waiting for Taker to return.
    The Rock - He has never faced Taker at a WM, however him and Taker do have history with each other in their feuds over the WWE Championship during the Attitude Era. Rock has all the credentials to make it believable that he could possibly beat the Undertaker at WM, however he is already booked in the main event vs Cena.
    Kane - Everybody who has watched wrestling knows the history here. The Big Red Machine is a very believable match for the Undertaker at WM. And there's not a lot to say about this match up, it has it all. Yes it's been done before, but it wasn't with so much riding on the line.
    John Cena - Superman can do it!!! Seriously though, Cena has the experience and respect for his peers so as to make this match up a huge selling point at WM. It is believable that he could win with his 5 moves of Doom considering Takers current state. However he is also already in the main event at WM vs the Rock.
    Randy Orton - He pushed Taker to his limit at WrestleMania 21. He's crafty, has experience respect, and a history with Taker also. What a feather in the cap it would be for Orton to cement his legacy as "The Legend Killer" by ending the streak at WM 28. It's believable, and could have a great build to it.
    Christian - Captain Charisma himself. Why not? He has experience, he respects his peers, he crafty enough to pull it off and his "one more match" fits in with Takers "one more WM".

    There are a few more but it's getting late for me and I have to get to bed. Anyway if Taker wants a match at WM, it really should be against someone that has the whole package, both inside and outside of the ring and backstage. This is of course my opinion.
    Why Christian? I understand hes had some history with The Undertaker, but he doesn't seem all that threatening to a man the size of Taker.

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    Undertaker VS Kane(masked) ... thats what i wanna see, i think the storyline would be pretty neat, both of them can cut awesome promo's.

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