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    Selfish Generation Stable

    Why not have Bobby Roode, Ric Flair, Austin Aries, and maybe Joe have an Evolution type group. Just an Idea kind of better then bobby roode's family

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    sounds good but not joe,
    you got daniels, and maybe gunner

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    An interesting idea, having a stable of like-minded, ego-driven and selfish individuals. It sounds good, just worried that they wouldn't give it the needed push... but that could be where Flair comes in. Guy had a legendary career, he could give the group the influential pull they need, pull strings for them and mentor them. Joe would be the enforcer - this storyline could bring out his really mean and egotistic side. But the group may be short lived: their focus is on being selfish, so they would likely tear themselves apart eventually. The big issue would be how to keep the group alive for a time, not just having them together for like a month and a half.

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    I like the idea but...

    If taken in literal context, if they are all selfish, why would they ever work together?

    haha it would be a cool stable though.

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    Roode, Flair, and Aries, sound like gold to me. Not sure on who the 4th guy will be, but it should be someone who is aiming for the TV title, and Flair can "teach" him how to give that belt some prestige.

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    Seriously? Another stable in TNA? No thanks!
    And besides, Flair should be fired already, he doesn't even do much! As far as mentoring, did any of you honestly enjoy him in Fortune? The group was great, but he wans't really needed.

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    They already have Immortal... or what left or the team... Bully Ray, Flair, Gunner, Double J, Stenier, Bischoff why not add Roode, Daniels and Austin Aries to Immortal!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK View Post
    I like the idea but...

    If taken in literal context, if they are all selfish, why would they ever work together?

    haha it would be a cool stable though.
    They can each go for their own titles



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    "evolution type group"

    That right there, no more rehashing its such a tired trend that tna needs to let go of.
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    If not Joe, then add Robbie E. Cocky, Arrogant, just like Roode and AA.
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