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Thread: The Hardy Boyz

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    The Hardy Boyz

    Does anybody think they will have a run In TNA since Matt Hardy has been MIA for some time now?

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    God I hope not, I really don't like either of them

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    No, Matt's done playing second fiddle to Jeff (who can't carry the company because of personal issues)

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    Last I checked he's out for some kind of minor injury or something. I don't see WWE letting Matt go. He's still a credible enough talent, with some mic skills and a decent pop whenever comes out, to help put guys over
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    I don't see Matt leaving WWE. He's one of the most over stars in the company and he's hugely popular with the crowd (the pops he gets every time he comes out are huge!). I can't believe that WWE will not give Matt a championship opportunity at some point. Not necessary this year, but before he retires for sure (and there's a while before that as he's only 35). But for this to happen, he simply has to get back in shape, he seems to be struggling to do so since that abdomen injury, but IMO he's slowly getting there. I'll be honest, I think there's more of a chance we'll see The Hardyz team together back in WWE than TNA. WWE love Jeff as he shifts a lot of merch, and the crowd love him (especially the kids), so I would not be surprised to see Jeff back in WWE in a couple of years (I think WWE said they would take him back after he sorted out his court case, but that is being dragged out so, it'll be a while yet).
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    have to agree with tommy here. matt is one of the most over superstars on the roster, the only he needs to do is get in back shape. if he does that im sure he will get another title opportunity.

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    I semi agree with Tommy. I think Matt Hardy has lost a lot of creditability over the last couple of years. He was SO HOT back in 05-06 when he and Edge were both on fire, and then when we won the US title. again he was super hot but now days super stale is more like it. Yes he gets an awesome pop, and is 10 times the worker that his brother Jeff is, BUT, and I hate to say this, Matt Hardy gets a pop because his name is Hardy. If Matt wants ANY chance of being WWE or World Champion, he needs to rewind and go back to V1!!!

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    Unlikely to happen. Matt Hardy is a WWE'er for life. Whether it be wrestling or some role backstage.

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    WWE had him a contract before he went to TNA but Hardy decided with TNA because of the scheddule WWE still wanted Hardy and from what I heard were pretty pissed when Hardy went to TNA as he had verbaly comited to WWE for WM if im not wrong

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    I could see Matt wanting to leave the WWE if he was certain he Jeff Shannon and Helms where going to get a good two year run in TNA together but I just don't think he himself would trust that Jeff will stay in TNA long enough, Matt is a smart guy too, he will know that he may be welcomed back by the E but it would need to be on their terms and probably as a tag team Wrestler, I think he is comfortable in his position within the company now even if its not "sexy" enough so to speak.

    I think any future move to TNA would need to coincide with any time he may need to do outside projects


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