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    New WWE Title Confirmed and Leaked

    This is from Punks actual youtube account, so I'm guessing its real.

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    TBH, It looks really crap!
    Haiters gonna Haite ^^

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    Darn, I just posted about this, in an attempt to be the first to break the news here, LOL. But anyway, I don't really like it, to be honest. It's not horrible, but could have had a much better look to it. At least it's different, though.

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    its not bad but it looks a little nondescript (admittedly i thought the same about the original) but anythings better than the spinner

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    Yeah my thoughts exactly, pretty poor doesnt really scream Champion of the world at me, would have prefered a bolder design, but its hard when you have the WHC which IMO is how a world title belt should look, but atleast it says champion and not Champ now

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    It's pretty dissapointing but it must be from so much anticipation. Agree that ANYTHING is better than that piece of shit Cena strap.

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    reminds me of the WCW TV title a little
    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    I'll third that. Angelina looks like a heroin addict. Her skin is more leathery than Hogans.
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    I've said it before and I'll say it again; Instead of Chyna concentrating on getting back into wrestling she needs to concentrate on getting that 8 inch she-bean that she has hanging between her legs removed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RomanFlare View Post
    Can you even prove that's CM Punk's channel? All it looks like is a bunch of cleverly edited highlight reels. And I do mean cleverly.

    That's not the WWE title. The WWE would never allow the image of their new title designs leaked by their own superstars on their "own youtube channels"--and there's no WWE logo in the corner. Case closed.

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    really.......there's no wwe logo or anythng......but if it is the new belt then good


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    This looks shooped, pixels, seen many shoops in my time etc etc


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