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    and this is his tag team partner

    Name - 'MAD DOG' Paul Conrad
    Age - 31
    Weight - 135kg
    height - 207cm
    Face/heel - heel
    signature moves -
    conrad crusher, clothesline to heel, flying kick,

    a little brief

    As a kid this character was an orphan moving home to home and as a teen-young adult his only friend was the gym... now he is on the awf roster and he is angry but why? whats his deal? what is his deal? hes never wrestled officially but been in a lot of trouble with the law for brawling so we will see his mean streak come out .

    Two Of A Kind
    EWA Tag Team Champions 16-12-11
    AWF Tag Team Champions 16-09-11/16-03-12
    Unified JBW and AWF Tag Team Champions since 16-03-12
    Tim Lore
    E-WF World champion 12-03-12
    Il Cattivo
    Thunder Tag Champs 12-03-12
    World Stable Champions 12-03-12
    Lightning Tag champs
    Kid Wonder
    International Champion 12-03-12

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    My Newest Character

    Name: Das-wa (mirror image it and you get aw-sad)
    Height: 6 foot 4
    Weight: 230LB
    Entrance theme: undertakers ministry of darkness
    Finishing move: Laid to rest... Pretty much a chokeslam but he doesnt pin the opponent he leaves him there for the ten count
    Bio: Grew up in a family of three boys after being adopted at a young age. his younger brother is a fellow E-Fedder but no one knows who... not even the brother. Das-wa left home at 15 and just wondered..... until he needed money so he allowed himself to be a big jobber, eventually he fell in love and got his heart broken and now he talks in a slow monotone voice and is very meticolous with his words......

    Two Of A Kind
    EWA Tag Team Champions 16-12-11
    AWF Tag Team Champions 16-09-11/16-03-12
    Unified JBW and AWF Tag Team Champions since 16-03-12
    Tim Lore
    E-WF World champion 12-03-12
    Il Cattivo
    Thunder Tag Champs 12-03-12
    World Stable Champions 12-03-12
    Lightning Tag champs
    Kid Wonder
    International Champion 12-03-12

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    Name: Mike Muir
    Height: 6 ft 5in
    Weight: 235lbs
    From: Mississippi
    Entrance Theme: Hank III/Assjack- Redneck Ride
    Finisher(s): Superkick, Styles Clash(named the Redneck Ride)
    Signature Move(s): Top rope drop kick, Missle drop kick, neckbreaker, backbreaker, Razors edge
    Alignment: Face
    Bio: Born and raised in Mississippi, was on both the football team and wrestling team at Ole Miss, winning many awards. After graduation, he decided to get into pro wrestling. Spent two years in local indy feds before decided to leave the Mississippi area to broaded his horizens. Is a nice guy who will come to anyones help, but he is no pushover.
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    Name: Van Hooligan X
    Description: His gimmick is being a very violent sports hooligan of beating the holy hell out of anything that he feels is insulting or just even looking at what he supports, cares for or wants to do. He doesn't care who he is against. Whether its someone Andre the Giant sized or someone of Hornswoggles height. He'll beat them down regardless. He also using a few weapon gimmicks like Baseball bats, Cricket bats, Tennis Racquets that sort of thing.

    I'm also semi thinking of a different gimmick (for maybe later on if ever used as a main eventer) with him believing no-one is better or on par with his abilities and he's a wrestling diety. I only have this 1 because Van is short for Vanity and I can think of a lot of Van-related puns for moves and that sort of thing. But whichever you think I could use better really (unless you could think of a way to mix them together) But this gimmick can be for later on, just posting it now so its on the table. The sport gimmick is fine for now
    face/heel: He is a heel.
    Backstory: He's from the England and been wrestling since he was 13. He properly trained at GPW (Garage Pro Wrestling) in 2006 when he was 16 and is now 20 and trying to move into the big leagues.
    Height: 6 foot exactly
    Weight: 216 pounds
    Submission move - The Vantastic Clutch

    Finisher move #1 - The Vanhammer

    Except I don't take hours to do it
    Finisher move #2 - The Vanguard

    So basically the same finisher but 1 is from behind
    Entrance song:

    and there you go!
    Van Hooligan X
    4 time World Champion
    Only 2 time dual World Champion
    Won more awards than your best character has had #1 contender matches
    APW co-founder
    Hall of Famer

    Most successful wrestler of all time
    1 of the most successful managers of all time
    Member of the greatest faction of all time (The Clique)
    1/2 of the great tag team of all time (The Infection w/Carlos Alberto Ramon)
    The destroyer of EFeds (w/Dennis)

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    Name: Nova Caine
    Height: 6 foot 7
    Weight: 310lbs
    Entrance Music: No More Sorrow Linkin Park
    Finishing moves: Victim Vault (Unbreakable Masterlock) Vault Assault (Master Lock Slam) Novocaine Pain (Jackknife Powerbomb)
    Signature Moves
    Relapse (blackhole slam) Conveyor Belt (Torture Rack)
    Wrestling Style: Technical, Submission and Striker
    Gimmick: Mysterious Dark Hero, defends the weak
    Tan, Buzz Cut, Beard, Blueish Grey Eyes, Tribal Tattoos all over his body
    Black MMA Shorts, with white tribal designs on them) Black High Tops with white designs, Black Elbow Pads, tapped hands
    Cut Scene: Black T-Shirt that says Need some Novocaine for the Pain? Jeans, and Timberland boots
    Wrestling Style:
    Nova Caine doesn't have feelings, and he doesn't show pain. He woke up in a hospital bed, with a scar on the back of his head. He was told that, he was shot. He would never feel pain. He asked what his name was, and they didn't know who he was. So he decided to go with the first word he heard "Nova Caine" he heard a patient ask a nurse for some. So he goes by that name. Since then he feel in love with fighting, and wrestling. He was in other local promotions, but he was noticed fast for his size, strength, and natural talent. He decided to try a new company out, and work his way up to the big leagues. It doesn't take much to make him upset, and go after you. When he is mad he is nearly unstoppable.
    He likes nothing more then to win, and destroys his opponents. He stands up for the weak, and can't stand people who think they are better then everyone. It it hard to get him off his feet, in fact the only time an opponent took him off his feet was with multiple shots from a steel chair. He can come back from anything, and he has super strength. He is also has superhuman intelligence. When his opponent shows a weakness he pin points it, and knows every trick in the book to inflict pain.

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    Weight and Height: 285 lbs 6'
    Bio prior to JBW: HolyJose was born to immigrant parents in the state of Virginia since 2004 he had gotten heavily into pro wrestling and in his junior year of high school he joined the wrestling team as a heavyweight wrestler. in the 08-09 season he went undefeated and became state champion a high light of his amateur career. After graduating George Mason University with his Psychology degree he decided to start training to be a pro wrestler and quickly enrolled into KYDA Pro Wrestling. After dominating the Indy scene he went to Mexico where he joined CMLL where he and HWA Wrestler "The Angel of Death" formed a dominating tag team known as "God's Grace" or la Gracia De Dios in CMLL. Soon after winning the Tag gold they fought for the CMLL World Title where HolyJose won his first whorl heavyweight championship. After losing both titles due to the Angel of Death's jealousy he went to AAA and quickly became their top star winning the AAA World Heavyweight Championship. While also wrestling in Mexico he was in NJPW where he fought his way to the top and was quickly hated there while holding the AAA World title he also won the IWGP World Heavyweight championship. Though after 6 months of holding both belts he felt the need for more competion so he lost the titles and went off to Europe where he wrestled in Irish Whip Pro Wrestling and while not winning any titles over there he showed off his great technical ability. He then had a try out match with ROH and he and the Angel of Death reformed God's Grace to dominate the best tag team division holding onto the ROH World Tag Team Championship for a while up until The Angel of Deaths ego got the better of him and won all the major world titles in the US, defeating me for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. After this I was contacted by WWTNA Mark telling me to check out JBW and fell in love instantly where he was immediately put into the faction SuperNova to go up against the Five Star Attraction. And is now maing his singles run and become the next Warfare TV Champion. The future is looking bright for HolyJose in JBW where the sky is the limit.

    Finisher: The Final Judgement ( spinning reverse DDT like the Cross Rhodes) and a spinning spine buster sometimes done from the top rope
    Signature moves: german suplex, double leg take down, 3 amigos (in honor of the late great Eddie Guerrero).
    Enterance Theme: Asylum by Disturbed

    hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into HolyJose's early career to recap former AAA, CMLL, IWGP, and ROH World Champion and fomer CMLL and ROH Tag Champs

    While in JBW

    HolyJose has gone on to be a major up and coming force. He joined the group Supernova to battle against the FSA. During this time he had an epic feud with then Warfare Television Champion Markus Beerstein and it ended with him capturing the before mentioned title. He has also went on to become a first ever JBW dual as he now carries both the Warfare TV Title and the Warfare Tag Team Titles. This guys star is on the rise in JBW and who knows where it will stop.

    Aka the biggest acquisition of this fed!
    JBW WARFare World Television Champion-1 time
    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 Time
    First Dual Champion in JBW History
    Alpha Revolution North American Heavyweight Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time
    JBW Champion-1 Time

    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time

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    -superstar name- Hanz Gruber

    -entrance song/motion- Edges entrance song- I forgot the title, just know Alter Bridge does it

    -finisher moves- scorpion death drop, sharpshooter, superkick, backbreaker(switches it up every match so his opponents do not know which one he will use)

    -signature moves- sharpshooter, moonsault, dropkick, superkick, walls of jericho, back breaker

    -any other certain moves you would want your character to have- spits mist in opponents face sometimes, learned that while in japan, also mixes in MMA moves into matches at times

    -attire and color- dark long pants, dark boots

    -physical looks (hair,skin color,body build,Tattoos,facial hair etc.). Cross between Jericho, Punk, HBK, Rhodes- meaning not super built, but not as small as Rey, nor as built as Batsista or Cena. Some tats, shortish black/brown hair, goatee. White

    -weight class- 225lb- 6 ft 2

    -face/heel- heelish, more of a tweener

    -gimmick- none really, just does what it takes to win

    -bio- just likes to fight, does whatever it takes to win. Loyal to friends until stabbed in the back- then there is no turning back- you are an enemy for life. From Germany, started wrestling while 17yrs old, now 23. In those short years has wrestled in Mexico- where he trained in MMA and in wrestling with Dos Caras Jr before Caras was called up to WWE as Del Rio. Wrestled in Japan, learning from the Great Muta, Ultimo Dragon and others. Formed team with Harry Smith while in Japan- coming close but not winning the tag titles. Trained in the US with the Funks, then Raven, and finally Bryan Danielson. Wrestled in a few different indys in the US before recently debuting in HWA hoping to make a big impact there, then joined EWA where is already making a name for himself. Recently heard about another new upstrart Alpha Revolution, decided to join up there too
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    Name: Ryan "The Freak" Wells
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 293 Lbs
    From: Boston, MA
    Bio: Former NFL DE, broke neck and forced to retire, came over to wrestling.
    Signatures: Double underhook DDT, Clothesline
    Finisher: Freak Attack (Modified Bernard Bomb)
    Entrance: Cold by Crossfade
    Alignment: Face

    Name: Zach "SkyFly" Silver
    Height 6'1"
    Weight: 215 lbs
    From: Detroit, MI
    Finisher: Diving Headbutt from Top Rope (Meteor Strike)
    Signature: LegDrop
    Bio: Former college basketball standout, switched over to wrestling.
    Alignment: Face
    Ryan Wells:

    - Former JBW TV Champion
    - Former EWNCW Evolution Champion
    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)

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    Name: Adrian Leavitt
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 203lbs
    From: Honululu, Hawaii
    Entrance Theme: Life Is Beautiful by Sixx A.M.
    Finisher(s): The Island Cutter (RKO), Pacific Crash (Codebreaker)
    Signature Move(s): Backbreaker, Moonsault, Superkick, Hangman DDT, Walls of Jericho
    Alignment: Heel
    Bio: A Island raised man, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has had multiple run-ins with the law, but has always bought his way out of his troubles. He is very much self entitled, believing that everything should be handed to him, but isn't above taking actions to get what he wants.

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    Name: Classified
    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    From: Unknown
    Current Location: Classified
    Entrance Theme: _________
    Finisher(s): Classified
    Signature Move(s): Classified
    Alignment: Classified
    Bio: Access Denied. Information Restricted


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