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    HEIGHT: 6'4

    WEIGHT: 248lbs

    FROM: Groom Dry Lake, Nevada

    THEME MUSIC: Device - You Think You Know


    FINISHER/FINISHERS: The Snake's Fang (Samoan Spike)

    The Numbing Effect (Powerbomb into a Backstabber)

    Project 51 (Running Knee to the Face)

    SIGNATURES: Missle DropKick, Clothesline, Superkick, Big boot, Powerbomb, Piledriver, Throat Thrust

    ATTIRE/GEAR: Venom wears a blank Tank Top with Jungle Camo Pants with a large Cobra wrapped around the right leg along with Combat Boots

    FACE/HEEL: Either

    GIMMICK: Face: As a Face, Venom fights for the people, and fights for their rights and takes them into account in everything he does. Heel: As a Heel, Venom does what he believes is best for the people, even if in reality it isn't. He cares not if people like him, as long as he believes that he is protecting the people

    BIO: A former member of Special Forces, this man was code named Venom. He spent 13 years in the military, but was given a Dishonorable Discharge, after going AWOL. He was originally told he would spend 20+ years in a Military Prison, but instead was given his freedom if he agreed to sign a contract stating he would keep all his knowledge about the U.S. Military to himself. Little is known about Venom's military career, except he spent most of his time state side in a military base located just outside the small town of Rachel, Nevada in Groom Dry Lake. Following his leave of the military, he met several former soldiers who had trained in wrestling and suggested the idea to him. Now, Venom is looking to make his debut, having trained for the last 5 years, with no real match, he is ready to put his training to the test.
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