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    Quote Originally Posted by AirBourne View Post
    -Superstar name: Aidan "The Weapon" Black

    -Entrance song/Motion: ["Out of My Way" by Seether] He comes out wearing MMA pants, no boots, taped ankles, taped fists, and white t-shirt. Rips t-shirt in half, and puts on his gloves in his pockets.

    -Finishing move(s):

    - Annihilator (Kick to the gut, lift up, and turns opponent upside down, drops them like a missile, landing on their head, a modified Brainbuster)

    - KOK (Knock Out Kick) [Has opponent clinched, knees to the face, dazing opponent, they stand stunned and wobbly, and Black then delivers a measured and precise spinning heel kick to the jaw of the opponent, knocking them unconscious)

    - Crowbar Breaker (Submission move: Opponent is on the ring, face down, and Black steps on both wrists of opponent and grabs the opponents head and pulls until the opponent taps)

    -Signature moves: Leg Sweep, Takedown, Clothesline, Spinning Elbow, DDT, Many Jabs to Opponent's Face (stunning them), Chokehold, any sort of minor submission move

    -Weight: 239 LBs

    -Height: 6'2"

    -Alignment-Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

    -Gimmick: MMA Fighter, sent to jail for 5 years for attempted murder, fought in prison MMA fights, unsanctioned, and was released and now is in wrestling.

    -Short bio: Aidan "The Weapon" Black was an up and coming MMA star with Strikeforce, until he got into a fight at a bar against a bouncer who was manhandling his girlfriend (Black's) and almost killed him with a chokehold. He broke 5 bones in the Bouncer's face (Both orbital bones, nose, jaw and right cheekbone) and also crushed bouncer's voicebox, causing him to lose the ability to speak. Brought to prison on attempted murder charges, he fought in the underground prison MMA fights, bare knuckle, blood, and not won until someone is knocked out cold. He was paroled on good behavior after 5 years, was never allowed back into any MMA companies, and eventually went into wrestling. Hates everyone because they hate him because of his crime despite him only trying to save his girlfriend. Believes in ruthless aggression, and not stopping a fight or hurting them until they are either unconscious or broken completely.

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    That looks like a tough motherfucker!!!

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