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    Name: Luke Turne
    From: Cornwall, England
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 210lbs
    Alignment: Face
    Moves at least 15:
    Springboard Clothesline
    People's Elbow
    Beautiful Disaster
    Falling Legdrop
    Missile Dropkick

    Spinning Neckbraker
    Reverse DDT
    Standing Powerbomb
    Sitout Powerbomb
    Running Powerslam
    Chop Block
    Drop Toe Hold
    Bionic Elbow
    Signatures: Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Blockbuster
    Finishers: Turne Drop (Diving Elbow), Luke Jawbreaker (Stunner)
    Entrance Theme: Ace of Spades by Motorhead

    Name: Gaileo
    From: Cornwall, England
    Height: 6ft 4
    Weight: 280lbs
    Alignment: Heel
    Moves at least 15:
    Angle Slam
    Step-up Enzurigi
    Shoulder breaker
    Chop Block
    German Suplex
    Triple Suplex
    Samoan Drop
    European Uppercut
    Swamton Bomb
    Springboard 450 Splash
    Signatures: Backstabber, Senton
    Finishers: Sleeper Hold, Figure Four Leglock

    Entrance Theme: Samoa Joe Nation of Domination theme


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