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Thread: TWE Roster

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    Name: The Reaper

    From: Tombstone, Arizona

    Height: 6'11

    Weight: 295lbs

    Moves: Powerslam, Uppercut, Superkick, Lariat, Belly to Belly, Bear Hug, Double Arm DDT, Chokeslam, Powerbomb, Spear, Mandible Claw, Suplex, Samoan Drop, German Suplex, Tiger Driver, Cloverleaf, Strech Muffler, Torture Rack, Stunner

    Finishers: Top Rope Powerbomb, Top Rope Death Valley Driver

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    Name: Keith Andrews

    From: Helena, Arkansas

    Height: 6' 3''

    Weight: 224 pounds

    Alignment: Face

    Moves: Various Suplex variations including Snap, Bridging, Dragon and German. Bearhug. Sleeper Hold. Sidewalk Slam. Powerbomb. Missile Dropkick. Punches and Kicks (any you see fit) and Crossbody off the top rope.

    3 Ways to Pain

    Out of Air

    Peruvian Necktie

    Entrance Theme:
    Nickelback's Side of a Bullet
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Name: KJ PUNK
    From: The Woods of Mississippi
    Height: 6 feet 2 inches
    Weight: 265 lbs.
    Moves at least 15: Gutwrench Powerbomb, Repeated leg drops, enzuguri, Top rope superplex, Release German suplex, Belly to belly suplex, Spinning clothesline, Spinning wheel kick, Triple H spinebuster, jumping double axe handle, wasteland, Edge running big boot, various backbreaker combinations, Front high impact Drop kick from the top rope
    Siganatures: Top rople Elbow Drop (Macho Man style), Various Neckbreaker combinations
    Finishers: Southern (Dis)Comfort (Anaconda Vice), Bulldog Bash (Rolling Elbow)
    Entrance Theme: Before I forget by Slipknot

    Seems fun
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    You fucking legend.
    First IWA World Champion

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    Name: "Cowboy" Cash Jennings

    From: Nashville, TN

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 225

    Alignment: Heel

    Moves at least 15: atomic drop, belly-to-belly suplex, chop, clothesline, cradle DDT, diving shoulder block, dragon suplex, dropkick, eye gouge, face rake, forearm smash, headbutt, hotshot, mule kick, spinning neck-breaker

    Signatures: backdrop driver, double underhook backbreaker, spinebuster

    Finishers: Cowboy Bomb (tiger driver) Cash Out (superkick)

    Entrance Theme:
    Andy Cannon - EWNCW
    Former Inferno Ignition Champion: 11/12/12 - 5/27/13

    "The Southern Warrior" Chris Gatling - IWA

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    Ok, so with the exception of R(ob)'s character everyone is done

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    Name: Benjamin Elite
    From: Cornwall, England
    Height: 5ft 11in
    Weight: 168lbs
    Alignment: Heel
    Moves at least 15:
    Back Suplex
    Stalling Suplex
    Dragon Suplex
    Drop-toe hold
    Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
    Belly to Back Suplex
    Diving Clothesline
    Leg Drop
    Reverse DDT
    Samon Drop
    Signatures: Jumping DDT, Springboard Moonsault
    Finishers: Top Rope German Suplex, Diving Headbutt
    Entrance Theme: Enemy by Fozzy

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    This actually sounds well good, am I allowed in?

    Name: Blake McAllister

    From: Haleiwa, Hawaii

    Height: 6ft 2inches

    Weight: 225 lbs

    Alignment: Face

    Moves at least 15: German Suplex, Inverted Atomic Drop, Step-up Enzuigiri, Float-over DDT, Scoop Powerslam, Running Axe Handle, Single-Leg Boston Crab, Dropkick, Side Russian Legsweep, SPinning Heelkick, Suicide Dive, Swinging Neckbreaker, Slingshot Shoulderblock, Samoan Drop, Spinning Elbow Strike

    Signatures: Pipeline (Green Bay PLunge), Gnarly! (C4)

    Finishers: Wipeout (Pumphandle Slam), Kahuna Stretch (Surfboard Stretch)

    Entrance Theme: Misirlou by Dick Dale
    JBW -Connor Chaos
    AWF+JBW -Jamie "The Eagle" Evans
    EWA + TWC -Blake McAllister

    If you've watched this vid, you know how real wrestling can get (RIP Eddie)
    Join JBW wrestling, the largest and, in my honest opinion, the most AwesomTacular eFed on the net.
    -Wade Barret holds a major Championship
    -Reks and Hawkins get a Tag Title shot
    -Ryback has a match against someone who matters

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    Destruction and BlackFalcon, you guys are officially added

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    Name: Ryku O'Ryan
    From: The Isle of Man
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 223lbs
    Alignment: Face
    Moves at least 15
    Finishers: Superkick and The Pedigree
    Entrance Theme

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    Name: Van Hooligan X
    Description: His gimmick is being a very violent sports hooligan of beating the holy hell out of anything that he feels is insulting or just even looking at what he supports, cares for or wants to do. He doesn't care who he is against. Whether its someone Andre the Giant sized or someone of Hornswoggles height. He'll beat them down regardless. He also using a few weapon gimmicks like Baseball bats, Cricket bats, Tennis Racquets that sort of thing.

    I'm also semi thinking of a different gimmick (for maybe later on if ever used as a main eventer) with him believing no-one is better or on par with his abilities and he's a wrestling diety. I only have this 1 because Van is short for Vanity and I can think of a lot of Van-related puns for moves and that sort of thing. But whichever you think I could use better really (unless you could think of a way to mix them together) But this gimmick can be for later on, just posting it now so its on the table. The sport gimmick is fine for now
    face/heel: He is a heel.
    Backstory: He's from the England and been wrestling since he was 13. He properly trained at GPW (Garage Pro Wrestling) in 2006 when he was 16 and is now 20 and trying to move into the big leagues.
    Height: 6 foot exactly
    Weight: 216 pounds
    Submission move - The Vantastic Clutch

    Finisher move #1 - The Vanhammer

    Except I don't take hours to do it
    Finisher move #2 - The Vanguard

    So basically the same finisher but 1 is from behind
    Entrance song:

    Normal moves:
    Arm drag
    Somersault Leg drop (Houston Hangover)
    Sunset flip
    Belly to back
    German suplex
    Bridging northern lights Suplex
    Tornado DDT
    Spinning Sitdown Sleeper Slam
    Shining Wizard
    Moonsault DDT
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    Van Hooligan X
    4 time World Champion
    Only 2 time dual World Champion
    Won more awards than your best character has had #1 contender matches
    APW co-founder
    Hall of Famer

    Most successful wrestler of all time
    1 of the most successful managers of all time
    Member of the greatest faction of all time (The Clique)
    1/2 of the great tag team of all time (The Infection w/Carlos Alberto Ramon)
    The destroyer of EFeds (w/Dennis)


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