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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkkynutzzz View Post
    TWE BloodOath Champion

    IC as Scarfo Jonez: Finally Moments of TWE past are giving a promising future

    *Walks the empty TWE hallways*

    Its Clarity to me.

    Scarfo Stands Dominant, Scarfo Shows why Fear Fears Scarfo... Jonez Blood, well Jonez Blood Encourages Me to Draw More Blood. More as in I've already drawn yours and allowed mines to pour along , just to make a gruesome scene.

    Drawn yours, from sheer horror.

    You See Slasher Flicks, Bloody Scenes, Guts and Flesh torn are Results I bring to any and every person that thinks other wise.

    Thru Real Life Exposure. No Flick , not a motion picture film... I'm as Real As it Gets.

    Black: You sound like a go jump on a toilet and flush away.
    Ryan Wells:

    - Former JBW TV Champion
    - Former EWNCW Evolution Champion
    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)

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