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    Awesome show, lots of fun to be on it Congrats to Darius, well deserved. Also always love a 7DS bit

    Mr. Blood: Hasty, Benny, now you boys have done yourselves alright here, but don't let that swell your heads and make ya too big for your britches, or Black Blooded may just have to come back down and show you why we are the Dominant Predators of this industry. It's been real fun workin with you boys.

    As for Sissy and Soreass, the sober twins? Let me state this real plainly, so there won't be any confusion. Until we get those belts, we're gonna be huntin you like the dogs you are, it don't matter where you go, what company you run to, what country you hide in, we're comin for you, and we're coming for those prizes y'all carry so poorly.

    Mr. Black: Nothing Personal

    Mr. Blood: Just Business.
    Sloth: You haven't met Gluttony and I yet correct? No worries, soon you will feel the wrath of Sin

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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