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    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88 View Post
    Who controls who in Sin?
    I am Greed, Krysys is Wrath and Envy if I'm not mistaken, Vegas is Pride, Grind is Gluttony and Lust and EHC is Sloth. I think I got us all.
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    Ok, so the show is 100% ready to be posted and I shall start posting in 2-3 hours.

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    Can't wait to read it!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    It was a nice house show!
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    It was a good house show. Ill reply with some more proper feedback for it today or tomorrow when i have a chance

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    WarPath is up! Eye of the Beholder will be next Sunday so be ready for it.

    Feedback please

    Best Match:
    Best Promo:
    Best Piece of Booking:
    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like:
    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved:
    Any Other Positives:
    Any Other Constructive Criticism:
    Overall Show Grade:

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    Definitely one of the best TWE shows I've read. The extra star power on the show added, and the all round promos were great. TWE continues to get better and better
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    Black: It ain't a fucking show without me in it. So who is so stupid in TWE to leave me out?

    OOC: Guess who is back?!?!
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    Best Promo: I thought Pamich's promo was really strong.
    Best Piece of Booking: Matt Ryder getting a win.
    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like: An EWNCW storyline closing A TWE show.
    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved: N/A
    Any Other Positives: Really enjoyed the house show. Small, digestable but also filled with great stuf.
    Any Other Constructive Criticism: I think WP could have done with 2 more promos (I'm one of those that prefer promos to matches). I also think that the house show and WP should be sperated by at least a few days.
    Overall Show Grade: C

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    Best Match: Darius vs Shaz; had a great pace and feel to it.

    Best Promo: Going with Pamich on this one. He's getting better and better as time goes by.

    Best Piece of Booking: The Proving Ground Matches; they've been a strong selling point as to why people ahpuld see TWE aside from talents like Darius, Blue and of course The Sins.

    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like: Not that I can think of at the moment.

    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved: The rich yellow used in Greed's promo. Made really unreadable. When thinking of yellow for Greed try using the mustard yellow used when Kingstre├▒ spoke. Its dark enough to read but you can tell its yellow.

    Any Other Positives: Great seeing wins for Sky, Andrews, Ryder and Elite Bloodline

    Any Other Constructive Criticism: Nope. Just looking forward to Eye of the Beholder.

    Overall Show Grade: B
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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