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    I'm more or less important at this stage
    The Journey of 1000 Miles begins with a single step!

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    Grind_ Bastard: It all started with good old Grind.He's the classic non-speaking monster heel, built like masked Kane, with a slight touch of Abyss in his liking of weapons, like the barb wired baseball bat (the only thing missing in that wonderful and apocalyptic ending of ETU) His mask looks like Delirious's, but completely black. He wears a couple of chains across the chest.

    In the last PPV, Grind was the captain of Team Rage and got the pin for his team.

    William Carlin: You already know him. Originally intended to be a funny character, the name comes from hybridizing Bill Hicks and George Carlin, but finally I decided to drop it, as I never will be as funny as these two. The superior technician is pretty much built like D-Bryan, and he likes to bring it via satellite, like he did during his feud with Krysys, Straight Edge vs alcohol.

    In the last PPV, he lost a 3 stages of hell match against Krysys. The stipulation said that loser will have to leave Inferno, so Carlin's headed for Rage.

    "The Spanish Love Machine" Miguel Tenorio: This started as a joke, as someone (think eboy) said that I was a Spanish Love Machine, due to the many times I went out with my GF, specially when Thursday Night Inferno was close to be posted. So he joined T-Thunda and Big Chief Long Schlong to form the pimpin' trio known as The Sexiest Alpha Males. The SLM behaves like a renaissance courtesan, a reputed poet in court anda fierce warrior in battle. His style is like like HBK's,with a slight touch of JoMo in the looks.

    SAM did not compete at last PPV.

    I won't compare my guys to the JBW's cos I don't know them well.

    Also, I'm the head writer of Inferno and creator of the bat cave, the place where creative meet to discuss any ideas regarding EWNCW

    Join the Best e-fed, EWNCW!! Send a PM to Tommy Thunder, Kingstrem, TheJosephBanks, S.E.Zero, TTC or me filling the form you'll find in the Inferno Thread.

    Find all the EWNCW links here.

    The Jesting Madness: Last EWNCW Tag Team Champions (6/3/12-5-5-12), first ever EWNCW Blacklist Champions (5-5-12/11-12)

    Also check TWE!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Jammin View Post
    Finisher: HeadJam ( Super kick )
    The HeadJam is a superkick?

    So's "Good Match, Let's Go Eat"


    2x HWA Supremacy World Champion

    2x JBW WARfare Tag Team Champion (with thedag and Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra)

    JBW WARfare World Heavyweight Champion

    AWF IronMan Champion

    Worked for IWA, EWNCW, HWA, SWA,
    JBW, EWA, ICW, and AWF

    EWN E-Fedding Hall of Famer

    A proud member of the EWN E-Fedding Community

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejman93 View Post
    The HeadJam is a superkick?

    So's "Good Match, Let's Go Eat"
    Well, mine's better
    E-Fed Vet. From 2010 and counting.

    2X JBW World Champion
    1X EWNCW World Champion
    14X Chlamydia victim

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    Name: Daymian Bloodstone

    Gimmick: Hardcore rocker who will fight anyone and never backs down. Very short.standing 5'4 anf weighing 154lbs. Calls himself The Pint Size Rocker and The KamiKazi Warrior. Has led EWNCW into the Era of Bloodstone with his actions and words.

    At the last ppv he retained his Ignition Championship in a triple threat match.

    I have no clue who to compare him to

    Name: Twisted

    Gimmick: Along with his brother.he makes up Freak Inc. . He loves the taste of "red juice" and the scream of those he drinks it from. Spends most of his time in a padded cell.

    At the last ppv he and Slither attacked Domination.

    He is probably similar to The Butcher..

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    Name: Arthur Lansdale, Mr Arthur Lansdale

    Gimmick: Pompous and arrogant, belittles everyone about their 'sham' lives, tries to show people how to become more like him to redeem their existence in 'lectures', former world amateur wrestling champion, disgusted by other styles of wrestling.

    At the last EWNCW PPV: Involved in a triple threat match for the Ignition Title, lost but wasn't the man who was pinned.

    Finisher: Million Dollar Dream Sleeper Hold

    Most Like: No idea! IRL would be closest to Doug Williams.
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    Character Name: Krystian Krysys

    Gimmick: He is a Straight Edge Wrestler from The City of Sin and Evil. He is known as The Saint for his ability to stay clean and sober growing up in Vegas, making him a pure soul. He is also known as The Master of Straight Edge (a nickname given by Inferno Head Writer Grind_Bastard) he is a man that lives his life on the virtues of honor and respect.

    At the last PPV: Krysys defeated Carlin in a Loser leaves Inferno 3 Stages of Hell Match.

    Compared to: I have no idea..

    Character Name: Slither

    Gimmick: See Vegas_Air_Bourne_sXe's description for Twisted

    At The Last PPV: See above

    Compared to: The Butcher
    Profile Un-Retired

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    Name: "The Machiavellian" TBOZ

    History: Former 4-time tag-team champion with GodMoney, now a singles wrestler who turned on Rich Cranium, costing him 2 title shots, and defeating him at the last PPV.

    Mix Edge and Jericho together, you get TBOZ. Here from the start, looking to kick on a successful singles career.

    And looking forward to kickin' some JBW arse.
    TBOZ - Current EWNCW Evolution Champion - 28/05/2013

    Former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion - 06/03/2012 - 04/07/2012

    Former 4x WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPION with GodMoney

    Want to become that great? Then join EWNCW today! PM me!

    Need advice on how to get started as an e-wrestler? Just PM me, I'm always free to chat!

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    In tha North Town, making "That Money Money...Yeah Yeah...That Money Money...Yeah Yeah"!!!
    Character Name
    The Sleeper

    Quick Summary of Gimmick
    Ex crip gang member from North Las Vegas

    At the last EWNCW/JBW PPV your character
    Introduced a brand new type of table match, but was screwed out of a victory by my old tag team partner

    Which guys from the opposite fed would you compare yourself to?
    I don't know much about the EWNCW, but I know you guys have a couple guys from Vegas over there

    "I am my own worst enemy, I'm not the smartest mutha fucka n shit and I don't pretend to be."

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    ive edited my first post know
    EWNCW - Gillz:
    Superstar of the Year (2011)
    World Heavyweight Champion Aug 29th (11) - Oct 30th (11)
    EWNCW Champion Nov 28th (11) - Apr 16th (12)
    BWA Undisputed World Tag Champions Feb 19th (12) - March 18th (12) (With Ryan Wells)

    PWR: Jack Pheonix - The Hardcore King/Knights


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