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    remember this daniel bryan video

    Imagine if back then he would have actually came back revamped as bryan danielson kicking peoples heads in and being the best submission wrestler in the world.. i hope that he can somehow recreate a promo like this soon and if he becomes like he was back in roh when he was Bryan Danielson then him maineventing wrestlemania can be that much more intense.

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    He cut a pretty intense promo on last week's Raw, or so I thought.
    What the hell is wrestling?

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    Why can't he cut promos like that all the time?

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    Watching that again it feels less scripted than anything you see him do on raw or smackdown. It's almost like his own version of CM Punk's shoot promo. I think that's why we don't see the best of him on the mic now because creative will give him a script and he's clearly not at his best when he's remembering what to say rather than just improvising.

    Slightly off topic, I do like Daniel Bryan and I don't think he should use his real name in wwe because they'll only try and copyright it and screw him over should he ever leave.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Matt Striker didn't know what to say lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by kj777 View Post
    He cut a pretty intense promo on last week's Raw, or so I thought.
    It is intense promo,unfortunately he say it to Michael Cole.I hope Daniel will make regular appearance on Raw after his match with Henry

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