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Thread: What if?

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    What if?

    What if WCW and ECW were never cancelled?

    What if Owen Hart never had that accidental fall leading to his death?

    What if TNA was never created?

    What if HHH never married Stephanie McMahon?

    What if Eddie Guerrero never died?

    What if NWO and DX were never created?

    What if there was never an "Attitude Era"?

    What if Bret Hart was never screwed?

    What if HBK was a Christian from the start?

    What if CM Punk or Stone Cold never delivered those promos that boomed their careers?

    What if the IWC had low expectations for Pro Wrestling?

    What if there were no "Dirt-Sheets"?

    What if Rock was still Rocky Maivia?

    What if there was never a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?

    What if Vince McMahon Jr. never bought his father's company?

    What would the pro wrestling world be like?

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    Who sells you drugs? I want your dealers number. NOW!.

    What if you were high?

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    So what if some of the best/more interesting things never happened? would be kinda boring imo

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    fucking hell please tell me your drunk ?

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...


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    What if I didn't waste 3 minutes of my life reading this thread

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    You need to see my doctor man!!
    "you can not achieve success without the risk of failure. and I learned a long time ago you can not achive success if you fear failure.
    if you are not afraid to! you have a chance to successed !!!
    but you never gonna get there unless you risk it all the way."

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    only thing I liked about this thread was your sig. It was in San Jose I was there.
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    Better question: What if John Cena never became a main eventer?

    Easy answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    Better question: What if John Cena never became a main eventer?

    Easy answer
    We'd have Super Orton.

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