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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakPhoenix View Post
    2011 has been by far the worst year for pro wrestling IMO. Does anybody else think that the WWE, and TNA, can redeem themselves this year?
    You should have something to base your claim off of. WWE and TNA have improved from the past couple of years, the WWE moreso. I don't watch TNA (except read the reports) so I'll discuss what the WWE has done this year:

    *The Undertaker competing in a good WM match despite his age and condition
    *Kane getting a deserving lengthy world title run after so long
    *Morrison and Bryan putting on great PPV matches
    *Christian finally winning the world title
    *Cena and Orton being taken out of the title picture for a while
    *CM Punk finally getting a huge push
    *Building new stars such as Ziggler, Ryder, Rhodes, Sheamus, Riley (for a while), Sin Cara, R Truth, The Miz, ADR, and Natalya
    *The Miz winning the WWE title and becoming a main eventer
    *Mark Henry finally winning the world title after 14 years, and having surprisingly good feuds
    *John Cena putting on a great match at the MITB PPV
    *A 5 star match at the MITB PPV, as mentioned above
    *Getting rid of the guest host concept on Raw
    *A better looking IC title
    *The midcard titles getting prestige
    *Better Divas matches
    *Bryan and ADR winning MITB
    *Better PPVs
    *More matches on PPVs
    *The Rock's "return"
    *Stone Cold showing up more
    *Legends showing up more
    *Old School Raw (I think it was this year, but correct me if I'm wrong)
    *WWE listening more to the IWC for what they want
    *WWE having better matches on their shows with the likes of Morrison, Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes and Sheamus

    Those are some of the highlights that I can name off the top of my head. I'd say its been a pretty good year.

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