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    Lightbulb United Wrestling Alliance: The Beginning

    Alternative reality: In 2009 the wrestling world is shaken by the news that Vince MacMahon's WWE declares bankruptcy six months after the fall of TNA wrestling. During this time there are many efforts to reform and create another big world wrestling promotion but none of them get off the ground. Unknown to most behind the scenes one man has been contacting former WWE and TNA wrestlers and several others to join him as he not only bring a major wrestling promotion back into the world, but with it change wrestling for the better by returning wrestling to a product that will not only capture many old and disillusioned wrestling fans, but people of all demographics and change the way the world views wrestling and take it into the new age. Instead of focusing on gimmicks and storylines but my making wrestling 'real' to many again and have a chance to compete with MMA and other sports.

    After a successful six month viral campaign declaring 'sports entertainment is dead' and 'wrestling will rise again' the man unveils his grand scheme. Taking wrestling back to the days of territories while bringing wrestling back to TV on three major TV networks. He calls his organisation the United Wrestling Alliance, a promotion he owns and runs with three wrestling greats who each control on of the three territories: Jim Cornette in the south (Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW)), Paul Heyman on the east coast (Upstate Championship Wrestling (UCW)) and Ric Flair on the west coast (West Coast Championship Wrestling (WCCW)). Together the promotions join together under one banner hosting the greatest wrestling in the world, represented by one World Heavyweight Championship and one set of Tag Team titles.

    The goals are simple:

    1. Bring back wrestling, not sports entertainment and convince the people its 'real' (in the sense they know its a show but they don't care) and bring wrestling back as a credible sport, not as entertainment.
    2. Have a world title that means something.
    3. Bring back tag team wrestling.
    4. Eliminate backstage politics and use every top wrestler to their full potential.
    5. Resurrect and rejuvenate the careers of wrestlers who need it.
    and finally the most important 6. GIVE THE FANS THEIR MONEY'S WORTH!

    A roster list for each of the territories will be posted tomorrow evening.


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