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    Lightbulb United Wrestling Alliance: The Beginning

    Alternative reality: In 2009 the wrestling world is shaken by the news that Vince MacMahon's WWE declares bankruptcy six months after the fall of TNA wrestling. During this time there are many efforts to reform and create another big world wrestling promotion but none of them get off the ground. Unknown to most behind the scenes one man has been contacting former WWE and TNA wrestlers and several others to join him as he not only bring a major wrestling promotion back into the world, but with it change wrestling for the better by returning wrestling to a product that will not only capture many old and disillusioned wrestling fans, but people of all demographics and change the way the world views wrestling and take it into the new age. Instead of focusing on gimmicks and storylines but my making wrestling 'real' to many again and have a chance to compete with MMA and other sports.

    After a successful six month viral campaign declaring 'sports entertainment is dead' and 'wrestling will rise again' the man unveils his grand scheme. Taking wrestling back to the days of territories while bringing wrestling back to TV on three major TV networks. He calls his organisation the United Wrestling Alliance, a promotion he owns and runs with three wrestling greats who each control on of the three territories: Jim Cornette in the south (Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW)), Paul Heyman on the east coast (Upstate Championship Wrestling (UCW)) and Ric Flair on the west coast (West Coast Championship Wrestling (WCCW)). Together the promotions join together under one banner hosting the greatest wrestling in the world, represented by one World Heavyweight Championship and one set of Tag Team titles.

    The goals are simple:

    1. Bring back wrestling, not sports entertainment and convince the people its 'real' (in the sense they know its a show but they don't care) and bring wrestling back as a credible sport, not as entertainment.
    2. Have a world title that means something.
    3. Bring back tag team wrestling.
    4. Eliminate backstage politics and use every top wrestler to their full potential.
    5. Resurrect and rejuvenate the careers of wrestlers who need it.
    and finally the most important 6. GIVE THE FANS THEIR MONEY'S WORTH!

    A roster list for each of the territories will be posted tomorrow evening.

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    Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW):
    Ran by Jim Cornette.
    Backstage Road Agents: D'Lo Brown, Dean Malenko
    Exclusive titles to be introduced: United States championship, X-Division Championship.

    Chris Jericho
    Samoa Joe
    Jeff Jarrett
    Booker T
    Matt Morgan
    Christopher Daniels
    Robert Roode
    James Storm
    Mark Herny (3MC)
    William Regal
    Alex Shelley
    Chris Sabin
    Low Ki
    Ted DeBiase
    Brett DeBiase
    Cody Rhodes
    Jay Lethal
    Elix Skipper
    Paul London
    Brian Kenderick
    Juventud Gurerrea
    Scott Steiner (3MC)
    Super Crazy
    Petey Williams
    Matt Bentley
    Generation Me
    Goldust (3MC)
    Chris Hammerick (3MC)

    Beer Money (Roode and Storm)
    Motor City Machine Guns (Shelley and Sabin)
    The Legacy (DeBiase's and Cody Rhodes)
    L and K (London and Kenderick)
    Boarderline (Crazy, Psicosis, Juventud and Shocker)
    Generation Me

    Upstate Championship Wrestling (UCW):
    Ran by: Paul Heyman
    Backstage Road Agents: Finlay, Tommy Dreamer, Raven
    Exclusive titles to be introduced: Internet Championship, Xtreme championship.

    Kurt Angle
    Rob Van Dam
    CM Punk
    Jeff Hardy
    Matt Hardy
    Jack Swagger
    Shelton Benjamin
    Nick Metro (was Ziggler)
    Paul Birchill
    Evan Bourne
    Breant Albright
    Sheamus O;Shanessy
    Team 3D
    Doug Williams
    Shane Helms
    Harry Smith
    Hardcore Holly (3MC)
    Tyson Kidd
    Yoshi Tatsu (3MC)
    Tommy Dreamer
    Amazing Red
    The Sandman
    Kid Kash
    Steven Richards
    Consequences Creed
    Teddy Hart
    Blue Meanie

    The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff)
    GBH (Great British Hardcore) (Williams, Birchill and Sheamus)
    Hart Dynasty (Hart, Smith and Kidd)
    BWO (Richards, Nova and Meanie)
    Air Rev (Red and Bourne)

    West Coast Championship Wrestling (WCCW):
    Ran by: Ric Flair.
    Road Agents: Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat.
    Exclusive Titles: Television championship.

    AJ Styles
    Big Show
    Rey Mysterio
    Ken Anderson
    Bryan Danielson (was Daniel Bryan)
    Desmond Wolfe
    Angelo Dinero
    Chris Harris
    Kofi Kingston
    The Miz
    Johnny Morrison
    Drew Mc Intrye
    Charlie Haas
    Eric Young
    Steve Solid (was Lewington in WWE Development)
    Kenny Pyro (was Dystktra in WWE)
    Andy Douglas
    Chase Stevens
    Nick Dismore
    Trent Acid (3MC)
    Johnny Kashmere (3MC)

    LAX (Homicide and Henadez)
    The Pope and Wolfe (Wolfe and Dinero)
    The Colons (Carlito and Primo)
    The Naturals (Stevens and Douglas)
    The Backseat Boyz (Acid and Kashmere)

    Development System:
    Basically trained at OVW but also assigned where noted to road agents for advise and road work. Also rented out for indy shows to get a taste for live crowds and experience. Some will come onto the main rosters in year 1, others won't.

    Mike Sydal (D'Lo and Malenko)
    David Ortunga (Arn and Malenko)
    Justin Gabrielle (D'Lo)
    Jon Hennigan (Arn and Steamboat)
    Richie Steamboat (Arn and Steamboat)
    Husky Harris (Arn and Steamboat)
    Wade Barrett (Dreamer, Raven)
    Percy Watson (Dreamer and Malenko)
    Alex Riley (D'Lo and Dreamer)
    Sonjay Dutt (Dreamer and Manlenko)
    Zack Ryder (Dreamer and D'Lo)
    Dos Caras, Jr. (Steamboat and D'Lo)
    Jimmy Uso and Jay Uso (Arn and Steamboat)
    PAC (Steamboat and D'Lo)

    You might also notice there's no Cena, Orton, Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Micheals and Sting, for the main reason, I imagine that Stephanie and Hunter, or even Hulk and Bishcoff after TNA want to get back into the fold with another company. Also it would have been made clear to these big names wouldn't help my first year plan which is to establish a brand not associated with the old WWE and to create a brand identity focused on new, younger talent. Also these guys would be too costly, and there's the possilibitiy Orton and Cena will show up in Year 2.

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    UWA and all of it's tertiaries will begin the first week of November. SCW will air on Monday nights on Spike, UCW will air on Wednesday night on The CW, and finally WCCW will air Friday nights on the USA Network. To celebrate and in the lead up to the UWA's first big PPV event in January, GENESIS, all three shows will be hosting a tournament like no other in order to crown the first UWA World Heavyweight Champion. Instead of a tradition elimination tournament, the top ten wrestler's chosen by each brand GM will take part in a best of 5 match league against one another and by the end of week 6 the top two stars from each branch who have the best win/loss/draw record with the best overall runners up joining them will go on to Genesis for the quarter finals and a tradition 8 man tournament and by the end of the night, there we will crown the first ever UWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    As well as this each brand will compete for supremacy by showcasing their talent and showing what makes each roster unique in order to get you support. The World Tag Team titles will also be decided later into the weeks in a traditional tournament on each brand and the winning three teams representing each branch will go on to Genesis to decide the first World Tag Team champions.

    There will also be no other titles introduced at this time as to showcase the importance of our world title belt. GENESIS is already promising to be one of the greatest nights in modern wrestling as honour will return to the world title belt and only a true champion will prevail in both the league system and the tournament. The GM's will post there top ten choose for the league who will have the chance to wrestle for the title, remember that there say is final. If needs be through injury or such wrestlers may be replaced depending on circumstance.

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    SCW: Foreword by Jim Cornette: 'Out of all the talent on the roster I wanted to showcase guys you might know like Jericho and Edge, with future big stars like Samoa Joe and Robert Roode, and put some experience into the mix to with Jarrett and Booker'

    1. Booker T
    2. Chris Jerchico
    3. Christopher Daniels
    4. Edge
    5. James Storm
    6. Jeff Jarrett
    7. Kaz
    8. Matt Morgan
    9. Samoa Joe
    10. Robert Roode

    UCW: Foreword by Heyman: 'Of all the wrestlers who are have at my disposal, I have picked guys who I know will give the best quality matches and have worked hard to get where they are now'.

    1. Abyss
    2. Brent Albright (sub for CM Punk as Punk unable to compete at this point in time).
    3. Kurt Angle
    4. Jack Swagger
    5. Jess Hardy
    6. Matt Hardy
    7. Nick Metro (AKA Dolph Ziggler)
    8. Shelton Benjamin
    9. Rob Van Dam
    10. R-Truth

    WCCW: Foreword by Flair: 'I've been racking my brains all day trying to pick the perfect 10 but in the end I think I picked ten guys who are all capable of carrying that gold, so that's going to create some interesting match ups and by Genesis, the world heavyweight championship will come to the Nature Boy's show where it belongs, woo!'.

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Angelo Dinero
    3. Big Show
    4. Christian
    5. Desmond Wolfe
    6.Drew McIntyre
    7. Kane
    8. Ken Anderson
    9. John Morrison
    10. Rey Mysterio.

    I'm going to start posting the shows, I think its about time we get on with some wrestling . Starts next week...Stay tuned

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    IMPORTANT NOTES: TV taping's for these first shows will all be taped fortnightly. The locations until post Genesis will stay the same. Fans who attend can buy tickets for a fraction of the normal price and have options whether to book season tickets for all the taping's till Genesis, etc. Also just to show how much we appreciate there help in rebooting wrestling they will get to meet some of the wrestlers and be allow to get involved in fan forums to help the company. Each broadcast is two hours.

    ALSO, in terms of how the shows will write out all the matches but not everything that happens in them, only key spots and endings which are important. As for everything else, promo's, in ring segments and talks, backstage interviews and segments I will describe what I'd like the wrestlers to say, but realistically I want to keep this as realistic as possible, so I will put what I'd like them to talk about, but not put too many words in the mouth as i believe they can speak better for themselves than any writer could. Also all these scripts are just want I'd want on the shows, the GM's being all creative experts themselves could do things with other talent or to progress angles without me telling them.

    All shows will naturally have promos, ads and interviews for the first few weeks with the new stars about the UWA and their brand and the UWA world title in many cases. Brand wise they will each create separate identities offer slightly different things



    FIREWORKS GO OFF to mark this special occasion.

    On COMMENTARY welcomes us JIM ROSS and JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER to this special and historic evening.

    SCW GM, JIM CORNETTE COMES OUT TO THE RING: he welcomes everyone to SCW at home and in the arena. From here is does a promo on the UWA bringing back real wrestling. He shoots on what wrestling was and it was till recently, and what it will mean again. He calls SCW home and says this venue where they are tonight was once called the Asylum for another wrestling company, but he thinks the for SCW the CIRCUS would be more fitting because anything can happen. He shoots on WWE and VINCE and then HEYMAN. - then
    CHRIS JERICHO COMES OUT on the mic who cuts a HEEL PROMO on being the greatest and best SCW has- in response, EDGE COMES OUT, grabs and mic and as a FACE, verbally takes down Jericho and hypes up himself. THEN, SAMAO JOE comes out- gets a mic and tells us many might not know who is he but he hoped they'd watched the videos on tv and the net about him and says he might be new to some fans but he's here to be world champion. After this CORNETTE runs down tonights card and the World Title League matches including SAMAO JOE V KAZ and the MAIN EVENT, EDGE V CHRIS JERICHO.

    1)WTL (WORLD TITLE LEAGUE): JEFF JARRETT (HEEL) V BOOKER T (FACE). (11:34). END JARRETT grabs the guitar when the refs down, goes to use it but BOOKER movees, the guitar hits the ropes, comes back up and HITS JARRETT instead, but it doesn't break. Allows BOOKER to get a kick to the stomach and a SCIRRORS KICK for the pin.
    WINNER: BOOKER T (1-0-0).
    PM (POST MATCH): BOOKER cuts a promo on not being too old to challenge for the title and says how much he wants that belt.

    -Backstage stuff or promos or IR segement.

    2)X DIVISION BATTLE ROYAL: in ring are CHRIS SABIN, ALEX SHELLEY, JAY LETHAL, ELIX SKIPPER, LOW KI, GENERAION ME, MATT BENTLEY, PETEY WILLIAMS and CHRIS HAMMERICK. (15:40). Good solid X match with plenty of spots and slow eliminations. END SHELLEY and SABIN left. They shake hands but out come SHOCKER, SUPER CRAZY, PCSIOUS and JUVENTUD who beat them down, hits some moves and double teams on them and ELIMINATE THEM. SHOCKER gets a mic and cuts a promo saying the X-DIVISION was pioneered and created off the backs of Mexican Luchador's like them and they're here to represent and dominant the division and 'THEY'VE CLOSED THE LINE'. At this time the other members of the group JUMP OUT AND ELIMINATE THEMSELVES.
    -Backstage stuff or promos or IR segement.
    This is a tough match which JOE dominates most of and especially the end.
    WINNER: JOE (1-0-0) with a submission.
    PM: He does a promo on the world title and about being a champion and with thrity wrestlers in these leagues competing for the title, it's got to mean something to be the champion of champions.
    -Backstage stuff or promos or IR segement.
    Tight tag team action with plenty of double teams. From half way though the match, BEER MONEY get control and keep it.
    -Backstage stuff or promos or IR segement.
    Both men look good but MORGAN'S size and strength are no match for DANIELS.
    WINNER: MATT MORGAN (1-0-0).
    PM: JOE comes out on the ramp and STARES him down for about five seconds before losing interest and heading BS (BACKSTAGE).
    -Backstage stuff or promos or IR segement.
    -CORNETTE comes out to the ring and cuts a PROMO on what SCW is about, what he has which the other's won't and runs down next week card including the MEXICAN X-DIVISION stars, BOARDERLINE V GEN ME and MCMG in an eight man tag, WTL: DANIELS V KAZ, ROBERT ROODE V BOOKER T, EDGE V JAMES STORM, yet doesn't reveal the ME.
    A real mix of wrestling in terms of near falls and tight close action. END EDGE SPEARS JERICHO but only gets a TWO! JERICHO later grabs a CHAIR, but the ref won't let him have it, EDGE ACCIDENTALLY SPEARS THE REF. EDGE sets up after some moves for the SPEAR but JERICHO gets the chair. EDGE starts RUNNING and JERICHO HITS HIM WITH THE CHAIR. JERICHO PINS him, after about ten seconds the ref gets up, makes the count for the THREE.

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    FIRST EVER UWA UCW #1, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


    FIREWORKS GO OFF to mark this very special occasion.

    ON COMMENTARY welcomes us TAZ and JOEY STYLES to this historic night and the start of something new.

    UCW GM, PAUL HEYMAN COMES TO THE RING: he cuts an emotional promo on UWA and UCW but RVD interupts and comes down, in a bad mood. He tells HEYMAN that after all their history, that he feels screwed over, why? He seen the roster sheets and he saw the live internet draft, he was his second pick for the roster, number 1, was KURT ANGLE. RVD is being very KAYFABE. KURT ANGLE comes out and he and RVD have a short argument because Kurt says this isn't going to be a ECW re-do and that RVD isn't the guy HEYMAN once used to represent his company. HEYMAN announces RVD V KURT ANGLE in their first WORLD TITLE LEAGUE MATCHES... but RVD says he's not prepared for that and was told whatever match he was in won't involve he's chance to be world champion. HEYMAN makes it NEXT WEEK but tells RVD that he and ANGLE will team up tonight to face TEAM 3D in the MAIN EVENT. ANGLE's happy but RVD doesn't really care.

    WINNER: R-TRUTH (1-0-0)
    PM: TRUTH interacts with the crowd.

    BACKSTAGE (BS): The HARDYS talk about their match tongight against each other.

    - Backstage stuff or promos or IR segment.

    PM: BENJAMIN cuts a promo on not being held back and being unleashed and going all the way to the top, and no ones going to stop him.

    Backstage stuff or promos or IR segment.

    END: Tough match. JEFF tries a TWIST OF FATE but MATT counters into a REVERSE DDT and rolls JEFF up for the count. JEFF struggles and almosts breaks the pin but MATT last second grabs the ROPE for leverag.
    WINNER: MATT HARDY (1-0-0)
    PM: MATT can't believe he cheated and acts completey ashamed of himself and doesn't even celebrate his win and just walks off.

    BS: TOMMY DREAMER and PAUL HEYMAN appraoch RVD and asks what the problem is and he gives a vauge answer. They tell him to stop being so selffish and that its not him. He storms off.
    - Backstage stuff or promos or IR segment.

    4) HARCORE MATCH: ABYSS (FACE) V RHINO (FACE) V TOMMY DREAMER (FACE) V SANDMAN (FACE). (12:01). I'd do this match as what I call CLEVER HARDCORE, not all about spots and when things happen they happen naturalistially and not like spot after spot.
    END: KID KASH runs down after ABYSS but he throws him out of the ring, BLACK HOLE SLAMS SANDMAN for the win.

    - BS: RVD walks up to KURT ANGLE and just want's to say sorry to him for acting like a jerk and shakes hands with him and looks forward to facing him next week.

    - Backstage stuff or promos or IR segment.

    5) SHEAMUS (HEEL) V FINLAY (FACE) (8:06).
    SHEAMUS has a shaved head and has move of his look that he had before signing with WWE.
    END: SHEAMUS dominates this near end and pins FINLAY.
    PM: SHEAMUS grabs the mic and says that in WWE the character they made him do was humiliating to him and for his fellow Irish and says that in WWE the Brit's were disrepected but here, he's a new man and he's got some friends for feel the same way. FINLAY has been down since the end of the match and gets out of the ring when PAUL BIRCHILL and DOUG WILLIAMS come out and BEAT HIM DOWN. SHEAMUS joins in and then stand victorious in ring.

    -BS: RVD is by himself in front of a camera and tells the fans that he's been an a jerk since he came here and that's not him and that's not the RVD fans know. He says he still has some bad blood with HEYMAN due to what happened with the re-vamped ECW and WWE at the end of his career but in UCW he's got a fresh start.

    - Backstage stuff or promos or IR segment.

    6)MAIN EVENT: ROB VAN DAM and KURT ANGLE (both FACES) V TEAM 3D (FACE). (15:00). ANGLE AND RVD get some good tag stuff going.
    END: ANGLE has DEVON in the ANKLE LOCK in their corner. RVD tags himself in just before DEVON starts tapping, ANGLE releashes. ANGLE stops RVD getting the pin and asks what was he doing? RAY gets back in the ring and goes for a CLOTHESLINE but RVD dodges but he hits ANGLE. RVD kicks RAY out onto the floor, he goes up top, and goes for a FROGSPLASH, BUT HITS ONE ON ANGLE! He afterwards PULLS DEVON on to him and walks away and doesn't look back.

    The ANNOUNCERS don't know what to make of what they just seen.


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