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    Cody Rhodes: it's time to defend your title

    The last time Cody defended the Intercontinental Championship was against John Morrison, in his street clothes, when he reintroduced the classic IC title belt.

    That was over 2 months ago. I understand that they want to bring prestige back to it, but with that they need a prestigious champion! How can they have that when they're not booking him in title defenses?

    At least 1 of his matches against Orton should have had the title on the line. A main eventer competing for the IC title? Mountains of prestige right there. They had him in the Survivor Series elimination match so they should start doing defences on SmackDown or something; but he's not going to ever lose it if he's not actually putting it on the line. Book it creative!

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    He'll be defending it against Booker T at TLC, just wait and see!
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    He should defend it, and keep it till Mania and face Goldust in a championship vs career match.

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    I didnt realize its been that long since he defended it

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    I was wondering how long it was just yesterday... I think he should hang onto it until WM while defending it on the way, lose/defend it and move on to WHC or keep it until around at MITB time and then get his-self a briefcase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    He'll be defending it against Booker T at TLC, just wait and see!
    i doubt he will defend the title
    but i know about the match they'll have will be intense

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    The problem with the IC and US Championships is not the Superstars but it's the Creative Team that no longer want to build something strong and bring back the prestige of these belts. These belts means nothing anymore. We will never have great fueds for the IC or US title anymore. For years now the IC and US champs don't defend their title so much. It's like they win, they defend the belt once, then drop it to the next champ.

    it's a shame !
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    How about he gets into some shit with T-Lo backstage, so from now until he loses the title, he has to defend in every singles match he competes in. Whether its a match against Big Show, Mark Henry, Orton or Hornswoggle, Tatsu, Barretta. Give him some type of winning streak. But he can lose matches in tag matches as title wont be on the line. Have a fued with Booker from now until TLC. then build towards rumble, gets elminated, then defend up to chamber and gets elminated in that, starts the fued with Goldust. He will lose it eventually. Possibly to Sin Cara after WrestleMania time.

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    I agree, he should've defended it against Orton at least once but I guess creative thought if Orton goes after a mid card title then that will drop his credability as a main eventer and of course they don't want that to happen. Hopefully Cody has a few title defenses from now until Mania then maybe drop it to someone like DiBiase at the event.

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    Wow, it's seriously been that long?
    it takes what, 30 extra seconds to make a singles match into a title match?

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