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Thread: No "kotr"!!!!!

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    Didn't Regal get suspended during that KOTR push? I don't think it was just drink that he had issues with...

    Wiki: A few weeks later Regal lost a Loser Gets Fired match to Mr. Kennedy, after which, Regal was kayfabe forced to leave WWE. In reality, Regal was suspended on May 20, 2008, for sixty days for his second violation of the company’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy.

    People love KOTR because of Austin imo.

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    The Classic Raw gimmick is somewhat interesting to watch and they should definitely do it again, but for the love of god go with the version of the logo from the current IC belt.

    Some would argue that KOTR needs to be done like they originally did it in order to be done correctly. The thing these people don't consider is seeing somebody in 3 matches in a single night. I'm not sure this would be an appropriate route as it negates a diva's match in the PPV and cuts the length of any given match to about the length of Jeff Hardy v. Sting. It would be better to do the tournament with like 30+ guys leading up to the PPV. (Present the brackets to the audience and all that jazz.) Simply selecting people for semi-finals and putting them in a match IS extremely lame. -- But then, WWE is afraid to build a longterm storyline around anyone that hasn't been there for at least 5 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necroyeti View Post
    King of the Ring is a vastly overrated tournament anyway. They've played that whole thing out to death, and the PPVs were always mad shitty. I'm honestly surprised people still care about it.

    I'm more annoyed we haven't had an old school Raw again, that shit worked fantastically last year.
    Remember back in the 90's when HHH won it in a great match with Mick Foley and it lead to an even better feud.



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    16 people in the tournament

    8 matches in first round with 10 min time limit.

    2/3 draws/timeouts/no contest etc

    5 through to next round so a bye or two

    a champion v champion showcase

    plus the final.

    a couple of run ins and your using a heavy amount of the roster

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    My two biggest KOTR memories:

    -When Austin won and the Austin 3:16 started (I was there live sitting about 15 feet away from that interview).

    -The Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle match, where Kurt almost killed Shane.

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    With the right wrestlers in it and a good push after, I think KotR could be one of the most exciting ways to get a lesser talent some screen time


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