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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death View Post
    Brock Lesnar obviously. The Rock has always gotten his a** handed to him by Lesnar. Brock is still in shape. He's in better fighting shape than Rock and can still go. There is no other WWE star who has ever went from wrestling to MMA full time like Brock did. Anyone can be in a movie, but not everyone can fight, especially in the MMA or UFC. However I still believe that the younger stars should be given their chance to shine.
    What about ken shamrock and steve blackman
    R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero, the last wrestler who made wrestling not only fun, but brought a spark that could never be matched.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyJose2391 View Post
    Actually here is a crazy idea. How about we don't talk about past wrestlers who lets face it are past their prime and talk about the future of the WWE and the current stars to carry the company into the future
    And who's that Cm Punk LOL, Randy Orton LOL and John Cena LMFAO these guys can't even put on a great promo that gets the people cheering for them I mean Cm Punk has only done 5 good promos since his shoot, Randy Orton sounds like Robocop when cuts a promo and John Cena (Crickets) Nuff Said

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    When I think of Brock Lesnar, I remember him busting Hardcore Holly's neck, or dropping A train on his head. Even botching the shooting star press on Angle at Mania..I wouldn't want to see him back, too much risk of injuring their current talent.
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    Lesnar is still only 34, I think if he came back he could have a few good years in him. I think the thing is though he doesn't want to be on the road full time; the only way he would probably come back would be if he got to work a lighter schedule like 'Taker or HBK used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    I'd vote for neither. There time is up. Sporadic appearances for me thanks.
    Pretty much my opinion too.

    Maybe a match to push someone who needs it...maybe.
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    Brock Lesnar for 2 reasons

    1) I love The Rocks films and he needs to be in more

    2) WWE needs an unbeatable character type and Brock Lesnar(apart from The Undertaker) was in my opinion the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reloval View Post
    To have one of the other two come back full time would be equally as difficult and have less of a result.
    As difficult as raising the dead? Christ you got some skills bro
    Like your opinion matters at all.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruendar View Post
    Did everyone forget what Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg did when they left this company. They mocked the sport and fans as a whole. They went on tv and radio and spewed garbage on the industry. This has been a continual thing. So don't even compare the Rock to Lesnar. One's a Legend / One's an Ass!!!

    Best Quoted 2 years ago on same subject by: The Clown Prince of Crime
    Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg WM 20 was a dream match for some at the time. Lesnar had a similar "unstoppable monster" gimmick that Goldberg had in the late 90s.

    Here's the thing, Lesnar announced that he got out of his WWE contract to pursue the NFL. WWE had signed Goldberg to only a limited amount of appearances for the previous year, and this was his last match. He also was very jaded with the wrestling business. So, you had two people on their way out and both could had really given a **** at all when they were in the ring.

    The match consisted of of stalling... more stalling... did I mention LOTS of stalling? The crowd was chanting "You sold out!" to Lesnar. Brock Lesnar lost his cool and flipped off the crowd. The guest referee was Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he got the biggest pop of the match when delivered a Stone Cold Stunner to Brock Lesnar. We also got a few seconds of another dream match we've always wanted as Steve Austin delivered a Stunner delivered to Goldberg.

    There has been lots of bad "big time" matches at Wrestlemania. However, in those matches, the wrestlers at least tried to tell a story and put something out there in those matches, even if it was horrible. If they didn't try, we at least got an "autopilot." We didn't even get that here! These guys didn't give a **** about the match, making history, or the fans.


    Hope my point is made
    Spot on my friend. Both Lesnar and Goldberg were asses imo and had no passion for the business, all they cared about was getting paid.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Both of them have moved on from wwe one is a UFC fighter and the other a movie star so you wouldnt see either of them come back for a full time return.I would pick Lesnar though because hes still young and in good shape and can go a few years The Rocks in great shape too but lets face it he has nothing left to do in the wwe and i personally wouldnt want to see him back full time in this "PG" kid friendly show that they have on also it wouldnt help wwe build their younger stars in the slightest.

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    I choose Chris Benoit,

    but because I can't choose him I choose The Rock


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