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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post
    Hornswoggle heel turn: Downstrait lepercaun theme.
    NOW HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE PLAYA, that would actually be kind of awesome. FUND IT.

    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    BTW, wtf is math-metal?
    Awful, that's what :P

    (except from Today is the Day and Converge)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grind_Bastard View Post
    Wow, they sound pretty tame there, I remember them being more aggressive during the Miss Machine era:

    Yeah, their sound runs the gamut. I simply posted "Black Bubblegum" because I thought it might be more palatable for the unacquainted; the song is shades of Primus and Refused (with a small smattering of Bayside in there, too).

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