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    Reflecting on it, I don't hate all social networking in regards to gaming (just the overwhelming majority of it); the Wii U's Miiverse has to be my exception to the rule. What I adore about that community is just how positive and passionate everyone is. Too many gamers nowadays spend the majority of their time on the internet just being endlessly snarky about any and every game that comes out, and they actively root against companies like they have some kind of financial stake in the console/handheld wars. It's equal parts bizarre and insufferable. But Miiverse? It's nothing but people celebrating games, franchises, and concepts that they love. Instead of tearing things down, it's just a massive global collection of folks holding shit up with great regard. Everyone's just so pleasant, friendly, and seemingly human. And it's all pretty ironic if you really think about it; for a brand that's unfairly labeled as being just for the kids, Ninty apparently has the most mature fans.

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