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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    It's kind of hard to judge when that Metal Gear game isn't out yet. It's from Platinum Games though- they're also responsible for Bayonetta, which is a game that the new DMC is garnering a lot of comparisons to- so the game is more than likely going to deliver a pretty high-quality action experience.

    Platinum is probably one of my 3 favorite development studios working today, so I'm usually pretty pumped about anything and everything they're involved with. Konami's Metal Gear games typically underwhelm the shit out of me (I can't stand bloated cut-scene after bloated cut-scene of convoluted story), but in Platinum I trust. I think their more gonzo approach to the franchise should play right into my wheelhouse, so I pre-ordered the hell out of it.
    It is the cut-scenes that get you into the game!

    At times, it can get your emotions or cause mindfucks but that is just me.

    Gets me every time

    As for Rising, I guess the people will decide when it comes out in February. I like this new direction for Raiden. There was that side of me of fighting a MG with a sword and cutting it in half. Or other things with the new cut system.

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