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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    Yep. Sega did the same damn thing with Sonic. They were so eager to just cobble a game together, for the sake of driving their annual sales by releasing a known quantity, that no real long-term thought was put into how terrible installment after terrible installment would eat away at the legacy. I mean, remember when Sonic used to almost be on the same level as Mario? Some say it takes 3 awesome games to help erase the aftertaste of one awful one, and Sega have had to learn that the hard way. Good to see them finally getting their house in order now, though.

    With any luck, maybe the new Tomb Raider reboot will be as good as Sega's past 2 Sonic games (Colors and Generations both far exceeded my admittedly-low expectations to kick all kinds of ass).
    Yeah Sonic really went downhill for a while, I remember those days when the series was considered on par with Mario. Great to see that it and Sega in general are getting back to what matters though.

    Yeah Edios and Core Design to be fair did a good job with Tomb Raider 1 through to 4, managing to release a title each year and produce a great game, but then Tomb Raider 5 was meh, and 6 was just plain garbage. Luckily, they swapped Core Design for Crystal dynamics and Edios was taken over by Square Enix. Since then, they've really produced excellent games again with TR: Anniversary, TR: Legend and TR: Underworld.
    From what I've seen of next years reboot (trailers etc), so far it looks amazing. I've been looking forward to that game for a while and will definitely be getting it when it comes out. My only problem is that it's out around the same time as GTA 5, which I also want to get when it comes out. Tomb Raider > GTA for me though, so that'll have to wait a few weeks before I get it!
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