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    Doom 3's okay. I think the biggest thing working against it was the fact that it was nothing like the first two. Doom 3 is of decent length but by the halfway mark you should start to get tired of it as it's pretty much the same thing from start to finish without change... I mean even down to the same-ish environment for 90% of the game.

    I hope they still have the option to play as originally intended, where you can't have a flashlight and a gun out at the same time. Some people hated this but it really wasn't a big deal... everything's a frigging corridor so even if you can't see what you're shooting at, it's kind of hard to miss. Plus, I found that most of the time there was sufficient light to deal with things... maybe not a lot of it but I thought people massively over-exaggerated being unable to see what they're shooting at.

    Scares... unless you have the volume up a decent amount and you're maybe playing it in the dark, I don't think it's scary enough. As you play the game you'll subconsciously learn the general routine of monster spawning and scares to the point where the game is no longer scary, but highly systematic. If you want a scary game, play Amnesia... there's a hell of a lot less action(you don't get weapons, at all), but the atmosphere and tension for me was just ridiculous.
    I've only put two hours into it, but you seem to be pretty spot-on in most regards. I'll add to it that the shooting just doesn't feel particularly impactful or tight (which is something that I think id Software were really able to remedy with Rage, despite that game's other short-comings).

    I'm limiting my play-time to late nights to add to the creep factor, but, yeah, nothing has really been particularly frightening. Just the occasional, semi-effective jump scare here and there. That said, I still think it has RE6 trumped in the horror department, so it's not a total bust, I guess.

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