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    How so? If anything, it looks like a good chunk of the stuff that was wrong with RE5 blown out to the nth degree.

    The only real encouraging thing has been them dropping the mandatory co-op.
    I hated that about 5. You always had to depend on a partner and in my opinion that killed some of the fear factor knowing that you had somebody backing you up if you know... fucked up. I had no fear playing that game but I had tons of annoying moments like when I would be in a smart place and Sheva would go ALL THE WAY around the structure instead of just going where I went. I would sometimes be low on health and Sheva would get struck by the chainsaw dude or whatever. I am forced to go all the way to her on low health just to save her but I normally never make it. Normally I drop over dead and all my progress goes into the shit-er.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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