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    So I have been playing The Walking Dead video game and yeah, those are the kinds of games they need to make more of. Makes me want to go see what other stuff TellTale games has made.

    Also beat Uncharted 2...Not saying it's a bad game, but it was extremely overrated. There were people saying that it was the best game ever made. I say to thee nay!

    Playing Resistance: Fall of Man right now. I've heard good things so I'm hoping to have a new series to get into.
    Tell-Tale has definitely brought back the classic Choose Your Own Adventure mechanic.. I used to love games like that from the mid to late 90s, they disappeared throughout the beginning of the millenium, so it was really refreshing to play something like that again.. I loved the Back To The Future one, and even though people hated Telltale's Jurassic Park, I personally loved it (Dinosaur Mark).. But anyways, I really love the cinematic effect those games hold..

    On another note, Comic Jumper, on Xbox Live Arcade, is a very very funny game.. Think Gunstar Heroes with some of the funniest moments you've ever had gaming.. I would even say it reminds me of Earthworm Jim, except the gameplay is spot-on and its funnier.. Its 800 points and its a steal for anyone willing to give it a try..

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