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  • Dolph Ziggler

    24 58.54%
  • Cody Rhodes

    17 41.46%
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    Both men are doing a great job but I vote Dolph Ziggler.
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    They are both great but I went with Ziggler. I see both of them reaching great heights though
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    I'm a fan of both and what both to achieve greatness. But imo All Rhodes Lead To Victory.
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    first i want to see ziggler as a full blown face rhodes was terrible as a face simply because he was the rookie and had nothing to do but that can change ofcourse i'm split between them both great heels great chemistry with anybody they face and young talented guys
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    I vote Rhodes. He made every crappy gimmick he was given work for him. I think he is the more rounded guy also



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    I like both men But i think ziggler is the better man imo at least right now anyway. alot of you say that Cody is better on the mic but i think your wrong he's got that lissssssp and i find his promos are cheesy, dont get me wrong i like codys promo work but i hated they way he talked when he wore his mask. And if you think ziggler is bad on the mic check out his work on NXT and ryders show he reminds me of a young y2j

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    this is a tough one, these are my favorite wrestlers.... Dolph is great but l'm going to chose Cody Rhodes because of the fact that I don't think Mr.Perfect or Shawn Michaels or (God forbid) Billy Gun when I watch him wrestle. This is the way I see it, Dolph Ziggler is this generations Rock and Cody Rhodes will be this generations Stone Cold Steve Austin. They are both getting to the point where it is obvious that they are the future, but the reality is they will both get better with time.

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    I voted for Rhodes, though I think Mr Ziggles is better in the ring and not far behind on the mic. I can see Dolph being used to make others look good and Rhodes being pushed for glory cause that's what Ziggles does so well

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    Has to be rhodes atm, ziggler's character seems a bit a bare the full I'm better than you thing has been done before, again rhodes looked amazing on smackdown and is better on the stick than Ziggles, on another note who would have thought VKM would push two quite small sized superstars this much
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    This was such a difficult pick!! Ziggler is great in the ring and sells like no other at the moment but I've had to nail my colours to the Cody mast!
    His mic work is great, he's good in the ring and I'm really intrigued by his character, at the moment!!


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