View Poll Results: Who do you think will be the biggest star?

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  • Dolph Ziggler

    24 58.54%
  • Cody Rhodes

    17 41.46%
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    Rhodes has gotten clean wins over anyone worth getting a win over on Smackdown. The guy has great matches and continues to improve his skill and character. He's made me totally forget about that he is a second generation superstar and it really feels like he's going to surpass his father and his brother the way he's going now.

    Ziggler not being in the world title race confuses the crap out of me. He gets heat, he's amazing in the ring, and he can cut promo when needed. He should have been champion after Mania.

    Either way I'm kind of split on the two; but if I had to pick one it would be Rhodes. Mostly because everyone including myself thought Dibiase would be where he is now.

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    Definitely Cody. Until Ziggler can do it on his own without Vickie, Cody is still a mile ahead of him.

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    I'm going Ziggler, these last few months he's turned my opinion of him completely around therefore he deserves my vote

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    Understand why this thread was made and rightfully so, but fuck choosing between those two... They both... kick... ASS. Just a 30 min match between those two would be epic IMO. Imagine the build up if done right.

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    Difficult to decide... the mid-card is pretty awesome right now!

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    I voted for Ziggler, but both will be main eventers in the near future for sure.

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    im a little shocked at how lopsided this is in favor of ziggler so far (currently 13:8)

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    It was a tough decision as I think both superstars are great and have a bright future. I had to go with Dolph though because I think right now he is a bit ahead of Rhodes but both of these guys are going to be stars sooner rather then later.

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    I voted for Rhodes, and that's because I've followed Rhodes' since day one. I didn't like his voice during the undashing gimmick, but I didn't realize it was part of the gimmick. Ziggler impresses me more and more, but I can't wait until he drops Vickie.

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    In my opinion, Dolph Ziggler has more flair and charisma to be a main event star. So I'll go with the Ziggels and Giggels


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