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  • Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes

    The U.S. Champion vs the Intercontinental Champion. Both men have been talked a lot about the IWC about being the future of the WWE.

    My question is who will be the bigger star?

    I'm going with Ziggler on this one. Mainly because not only does he edge Rhodes in in-ring ability but he is arguably the best in-ring performer the WWE currently have. Throughout most of his career his style has been a mix of Mr. Perfect and Billy Gunn but recently I've a saw a bit of a young Shawn Michaels with this new show-off gimmick. If the WWE can exploit this, then we could be looking at a future multi-time World Champion and Hall of Famer. Not only is he great in the ring but his mic work is quickly improving and as time goes on and his career progresses it will surely improve further. Also I think he has the ability to play both a great heel AND face character, quite like what Edge was capable of doing.

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    A vote for Team Ziggles is a vote for awesomeness!

    You wanna be cool don'tcha guys?

    Well vote Dolph today
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    Well Dolph did what Cody couldn't do, beat Randy Orton. :P
    Not removing until these happen... or until I get bored of them...

    - Zack Ryder holds his first LIVE Z True Long Island Stories on RAW
    - Cm Punk, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero and Colt Cabana are all signed to form C4
    - More to come as I think of them

    One request fullfilled.

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    IM a rhodes guy sorry
    love his heel persona more than a bragging one

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    Ziggler is a better wrestler, but being a character driven show Cody has a better shot. I'm hoping both will become big names.

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    dolph has better matches then cody,cody has the better character i like dolphs show off thing where hes good and he knows it i voted dolph as i feel he is more rounded then cody and looks more of a star has more of an it factor about them in my opinion

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    Rhodes is way better on the mic and ziggler is better in ring
    however ziggler is very bland on the mic.
    So Rhodes ftw

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    i dont think we've gotten a good enough look at ziggler on the mic. whenever he drops vicky we can see what he really has. i love both of these guys and theres no doubt theyre both future main eventers, but for now i pick rhodes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthless_Aggression View Post
    Well Dolph did what Cody couldn't do, beat Randy Orton. :P
    Cody beat Orton cleanly, which Ziggles didn't.

    But I love me some Ziggles/ The Zig Zag Man, so I choose him.


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    Ziggler without a doubt. Rhodes is great but Ziggler caught my eye on day one in this gimmick, everything clicked for him, Rhodes is still kind of trying to find out what his character is but is also a great worker.
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