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    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    I didn't find the Scheffler one too dumb, he was acting like a pirate...mocking the Buccaneers, who are Pirates. I mean it wasn't something to laugh about, but it's not something to make a big deal about either.

    I would rather see both of the topics become softer, the hits and the celebrations. I can see the hits, because of safety and all. But celebrations, there's nothing to care about their besides the NFL's reputation, and that's just making them look like some teenager girl who doesn't want their popularity ruined.
    well on the hits, football is a violent game, and no matter what kind of rules they put into the NFL, there will still be injuries, there's no way to protect it, because it will happen, regardless of how many times Goodel tries, James Harrison, is still gonna hit hard, everyone else is going to hit hard, and people will get hurt, it's just how the game goes

    and to celebrations, I don't think there should be any sort of fuss over a lot of them, I mean, using props gets annoying, and I can see why you might want a rule against that, but the whole, "you can't go to the ground" thing, doesn't make much sense, like T.O. sleeping in the endzone, I recall did get flagged for that, and I honestly didn't mind that one, in fact let me find that one....

    okay never mind, I couldn't find it, but I'll put a different T.O. one just for humor

    something you might find funny about this, Flozelle Adams, was actually one of the people holding him back


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