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    The newest addition to football's Billionnaires club.

    Dutch football club Vitesse has been taken over by a Georgian former footballer and billionaire, named Merab Jordania. Jordania had an active football carreer in Georgia playing for Dinamo Tbilisi amongst others. He also was Director for the Georgian FA at some point. In 2003 he briefly was manager of the national team of Georgia as well.

    He is planning to invest a lot of money in the Dutch club, and he has the ambition to be crowned champions in three years from now. It's the first time in Holland that a foreigner has taken over a club. Vitesse avoided bankruptcy two times in the last 8 years. Vitesse recently sold a lot of players to get out of debt once again.

    Jordania is also a close friend of Roman Abrahamovic, it is already rumoured that Vitesse has offered to buy and/or loan 4 Chelsea-players who are not first team regulars there. Jorania has claimed that his goal is to win the Dutch eredivisie within 3 years.

    Source: all Dutch media

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    Yeah, that was last season, so he still has 1 and a half season to win the title. Although I have to say Vitesse is doing much better than last year. Last year they were slightly above relegation, now they are sub-top. And he has brought in a bunch of players, but Wilfried Bony is the one to look out for.

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