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    One way or the other we are getting that damn belt!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krysys View Post
    How us it to early for him?
    He's done absolutely nothing since winning the MITB briefcase up until the last few weeks. Just because he's spent the last couple of weeks in the main event scene doesn't mean he's ready to be holding the title. He needs built up more. Just my opinion though.

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    Judging by his actions on Raw, with attacking Henry's leg, and the fact that the higher ups want to turn Henry face again, I could possibly see DB turning heel and cheating to win, maybe even cashing in after losing the initial match, which would then turn Henry face again, and then they will feud for a little while? (Plus, wasn't there something on the SD spoilers last week where AJ was upset cos DB didn't come out and help her when she was being held in the Sharpshooter? Or did I just read that bit wrong?)


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