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    Hey Guys , this is Wajahat with my very first post, so plz dont mind if u find it boring.

    There has been a lot of talk abt watz gonna happen at Mania b/w The Rock and John Cena, many people have neen critical of The Rock and the build-up to this fight, but thats a thing for some other time right now i just wanted to know your thoughts on the matchup i titled this wholed post with,..i beleive John Cena getting the Torch wd enrage many fans.
    so it wd b samrt from booking4m the E' if they totally award the night to the Rock.and after they are done with that they can biuld a new feud ...a feud that wd be just as epic as the one going on.....this has been teased before in never happened...People like Randy more than Cena..although he is a moron.this Feud would be epic ..i men think abt it THE TWO GREATEST THIRD GENERATION SUPERSTARS IN HISTORY locking horns and none wd mind seeing The Rock hand the torch to the guy who was always destined to b the golden boy of wrestling...on the biggest Summerslam ever..

    thnx for reading guys u can trash me all u want.

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    Welcome to the forums and happy posting

    Imo Cena already has the torch. The Rock is a legend and is from the attitude era. PG (Cena) vs Attitude (Rock) that's what people want to see a Battle of 2 Generations. This has nothing to do with passing the torch because Rock has been out of wrestling for 7 years if he had to pass the torch he would have done it before he left for Hollywood. I love The Rock (Best on the mic hands down and the most electrifying wrestler in the planet) but he shouldn't win at WM simply because it does nothing for the WWE when The Rock leaves again. Rock vs Orton would be good but Rock vs Cena would be Unforgettable.
    I'm jus sayin...


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