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    Would Sheamus make a good babyface?

    Although many of you may not agree, I feel sheamus is pretty damn good for a guy with his experience on the big stage. He's doing a great job of portraying a bad guy who isn't as good as the true top guys but always has an excuse when he doesn't win, which keeps him In the mix.
    But having been following him for quite a bit I've had the opportunity to see him as a big move throwing superface headlining many indie shows in England and Ireland (check him out on YouTube and other video streaming sites).
    I feel that a turn is in the not so far off future, maybe after the return of triple h and their probable feud and when it happens I believe the Celtic warrior will get over huge. With the backstage support of "vince's favourite son" (who's opinion daddy clearly values) combined with his willingness, size and age, vince and his team of lackeys must be chomping at the bit to see how far they can go with this unique looking Irishman. I'm not saying he'll be the best thing since the rock n sock connection but I think he's better off being a good guy and may just shock a few people.
    Either way, like him or not he'll be at or around the top for a long time to come.

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    No I cannot see Sheamus turning to be a fan favortie ever. He does not have the look or the personality for it. He is very effective as a brute bad guy.

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    He might get over as an anti-hero face character. Kinda how Hunter is when he's babyface
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    Sheamus can never be a babyface, he has caused to much destruction for fans to start cheering him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNA Ambassador View Post
    Sheamus can never be a babyface, he has caused to much destruction for fans to start cheering him.
    Never is a strong word.. I thought they would keep Orton as the top Heel because he seemed to completely thrive in that situation, but there trying to convert him as a anti hero.. I doubt they keep Sheamus a heel for his entire career. I could easily see them push him like Orton/HHH as a anti-hero. Now I don't see this for a few years.. But I doubt he stays a heel for his entire career. Even though he places a perfect Heel.

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    I think sheamus actually would make a good face, probably still better as a heel though

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    Babyface? Yes.

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    Sheamus will only make a great Anti-hero. Since he is irish an if he were to become babyface they might make him come out with Hornswoggle an Finleys old entrance with the plastic green hats. Seriously though! Sheamus should just stay a heel. He is actually one of the more dominant ones at the moment alongside Wade Barrret.
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    Sheamus as a babyface? No. Sheamus is the kind of guy that is best as a heel. I think if they turned him into a babyface his career would end & fans would just not care. He's one of those guys you want to boo. I mean he's not like Orton or Triple H for examples where people just want to cheer for them not boo them. Sheamus though, people would rather boo the guy then cheer the guy. His persona is just that way. It's hard to explain but it is what it is.

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    I think he could do it. In fact if they were to ever do it, I think pairing him with Haitch would be perfect. Trips could help him develop his character, although it would more than likely have a comical aspect to it to help offset the impression he made as a heel. I like the fella.

    You can't say never - if you do, you must be a newish fan. They said never about Andre and he got great heel heat. But that's going the other way, which is indeed easier. It's much easier to be hated than liked. And look at Undertaker, Kane, Sid Vicious - all started as monster heels and were embraced by fans

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