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    I think when his time does come it will be at Survivor Series, I also think if they do that then they can keep his streak in tact, when The Undertaker leaves, it should be monumental, it should have a massive Scientific feel to it in my opinion, when he goes it should be over forever, no comebacks, not as the Deadman Undertaker anyway, gone.

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    it should be a ric flair type send off vinces challanges from his next or 20th win in the streak till he loses and lose at survivor series something like that or hopefully the do as you are saying something real special

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    Daniel Bryan should do it if he had a major push or shawn michaels comes back for one night only

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    I don't think the streak should be ended. Taker should be at least allowed to go out with that honor. And if somebody does end...I will just attribute it to old age on Taker's part, not on the skill of his opponent. I wont even count it when I consider Taker's Wrestlemania matches. (Yea, im gonna be that stubborn.)
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    The only good way WWE should use the streak killer is if they want to push new tallent. Somone like Drew, Swagger, maybe Barret if he loses steam after the NXT storyline. It would be interesting to see Danial Bryan or Kaval to break it, now thats a way to become a breakout star and make an impact.

    But alas, WWE wont do that. They will keep the streak going till 20 - 0 and try and profit off it.

    Besides, I'm not sure i'd like to see the streak broken, Undertakers streak is so powerful and such a WrestleMania staple, it would be a shame to end it.

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    Not a chance should 'new' talent get to end the streak, firstly, they wouldn't deserve it and secondly if they fail then it would be a complete waste of something they have took 20 years building.

    The only 'newbie' that I think could be trusted with doing it would be Daniel Bryan but even then The Undertaker vs Daniel Bryan would hardly get people talking in the first place due to the complete contrast in their builds/styles

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    The streak would go to total waste if somone who doesnt need to break the streak (HHH or Cena) actually breaks it.

    If you build up bryan enough untill WM, then he breaks it, the whole wrestling world would be extatic, it would give Bryan justification and create monumental buzz which is great for WWE and great for somone who would go on and become the staple of WWE. It would be a typical underdog vs icon situation which I think would turn out to be maybe the biggest in history.

    If the streak ever gets broken (Which I doubt) it would be an even bigger waste to use it on somone like HHH, Cena, Shamus or Orton.

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    I think it would be a waste if it went to Triple H, however if it went in monumental fashion like coinciding with a John Cena heel turn, then Cena could get five years out of that no problem, it would reinvent him, his character, the entire landscape of the WWE and everyone will remember what happened the night Cena 'went bad' and more importantly, it would go to someone Vince knows he could trust implicitly.

    Same can be said for Orton, he actually should have ended it at WrestleMania XXI although in hindsight it was better that he didn't since he spent most of the next year injured.

    I don't see why you stuck Sheamus in there, he has been around for less time than Jack Swagger and you put him down as a possibility, Sheamus at least would be a credible opponent, a two time World Champion and someone who has put Triple H out (although we've yet to see if he will be buried on Haitch's return)

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    Nah, I didnt mean Shamus as a posibility to beat Takers streak, he has already got somthing he can stand by to show his dominance, althought he will get burried when The Game gets back as you said.

    I think Cena can turn heel on some other terms and still get a huge reaction that can change the landscape. This past summerslam was a good opportunity. I think WWE dont need to build a Cena heel turn up that much, defiling a 20 year streak just for a character change is a bit much in my oppinion, Yes it would be the biggest heel turn ever, but its not needed for Cena. He could turn into a huge heel quite easily.

    When I said Danial Bryan, I didnt mean this up-coming WM. He shouldnt be trusted to wrestle in a match that big yet, I agree. Further on down the line however, when he has more trust and becomes a loyal WWE superstar maybe then. Bryan fighting his heart out and winning by (dare I say it) submission at Mania would be incredible and no one would be able to doubt his skill.

    "I am going to put on a Nexus shirt and armband and go drink the tears of John Cena fans."
    - Joey Styles

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