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    i personally would like to see kane vs undertaker..
    there better not be any spiders in that breifcase!!....or the grits gon hit the pan!! THAT BREIFCASE GON GET GOT!!!

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    The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar will happen at Wrestlemania 29. Period

    Now I would like to see The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett

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    Taker vs Lesnar, no doubt.
    I then would like to see Taker vs Cena at the big 30th anniversary Mania next year.

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    really why does everyone think wade barrett is deserving of facing undertaker at mania? that guy is really overrated dudes a crappy wrestler!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UponUs450 View Post
    really why does everyone think wade barrett is deserving of facing undertaker at mania? that guy is really overrated dudes a crappy wrestler!
    While I don't agree with you at all in saying that he's overrated, or that he's a crappy wrestler, I do agree with you in saying that I think it's baffling why so many think he deserves to face Taker at Wrestlemania.

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    Barrett for me out of those options.

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    Lesnar. As a UFC fan i was interested in the altercation they had at UFC 121. Finally we get to see a pay off from that incident.

    GMU - UTID!
    2012 - 2nd!

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    I think it's Lesnar also.

    To the WWEs credit, I think they have already began to plant the seeds.

    1. Lesnar "has nothing left to prove." No one's ended the streak.
    2. UFC altercation
    3. Lesnar disrespecting and destroying HHH and HBK - the only thing as amazing as those 3 walking out of Mania 28 together, would be The Deadman (The Dark Knight) seeking vengeance for the 2 guys hes battled with the last 4 years.

    If they don't go with Lesnar here, I'll be shocked. As I feel they will be missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on a perfect storyline.

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    I went for Kane for nostalgia sake!

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    John cena Vs The Undertaker

    Now they are deciding to have HHH vs Brock at Wrestlemania. So now it wont likely be The undertaker vs brock so who would face taker. I'm thinking it would be Cena since cena is suppose to loose to the rock at the royal rumble leaving the rock vs cm punk for the tittle.

    The rock vs cm punk- wwe championship
    Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
    Leaving The undertaker vs John Cena

    Honestly i think the streak would end if this happens cause i just cant see cena loosing for the third time at wrestlemania and watching him being pinned by the tombstone unless theirs some sort of interference or if this leads to the cena heel turn by beating the streak .

    What do you guys think?
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