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    I wouldn't mind keeping Undertaker around but I can't see him being a manager though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittbull View Post

    , but I do agree the wrestler would have to be pretty confident to be able to get the character over to the fans! With twilight etc I'm sure a character like this would work really well!
    I know its not what you meant... But could you imagine Vince Mcmahon trying to cash in on twilight, could you imagine it!? oh god its unimaginable

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    I read a similar thread on the old WWE Universe site. On that thread I read a post from a user who got the idea that once he got to the point of 20-0, 'Taker should get the privilege of a Ric Flair treatment. Going in the Hall of Fame while still being an 'active competitor' on the roster. So basicly inducting him with this year's Wrestlemania and compete at the same event.

    As for going out. That post read that he should be able to take one random star in the bussiness during the period between New Year and the Royal Rumble (preferably one that needs a boost) and put him up in a program with Undertaker, where he would be the manager of the selected star.

    He said that if it was a star who is already on the roster, then Undertaker should persuade him to the 'dark side' with promo's and vignettes. So he could learn him everything of being a man of darkness.

    If it were a development star, it should be someone who was already portraying more a darker character that just needed a boost to get over with the audience. (Much like you have now The Ascension, Bray Wyatt or even Dean Ambrose with a small character tweak)

    That way WWE management can decide to use a pupil challenges master storyline where the officials could decide whether to make him win or lose against the star of 'Takers choosing, dependable on the audience's reception. He also stated that if he were to lose then, 'Taker should lose with style. Going out in a way to remember.

    This was his example:
    The gimmick of the match itself doesn't matter as long as it is the final match of the card. After a hard fought battle Undertaker finally gets pinned following ...'s finisher. The winner can't believe that he just laid out Undertaker and the crowd stands baffled but cheers for this. As the Undertaker lays in the middle off the ring, the superstar go around the ring to celebrate his hard fought victory with the crowd. As suddenly the lights turn off... the infamous gong hits and 'Takers blue lights turn on.

    The only thing the light highlight is the ring and we see that Undertaker has disappeared with only his hat laying in the ring. The superstar hits the ring, puts up the hat as a lightning bolt hits the stage. On the titantron we are shown a pre-recorded video (for if this case were to ever happen) where Undertaker thanks the superstar for a hard fought battle and says 'you have earned the right to be called the "new phenom of the wwe"'. As the video ends, the superstar lays down the hat as Undertaker's music hits and the superstar raises his hands as the show goes off the air.

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    I don't see Undertaker ever being a manager type or have him in a new character. Once he hangs up his boots I'm guessing at WM30 he will continue to play a huge role backstage with the younger talent.

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    He doesn't need WWE but he is respectful. WWE Needs Undertaker b/c they haven't been building their talent up like they should. Cena is a reason why. They didn't want ANYONE getting over more than Cena (or HHH). Notice how it's not really Cenas fault (although he does bury others).

    Undertaker needs to pass the torch, and create a MEGA HEEL in the process while doing so. But do it at survivor series- end the taker where it started for him.

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    undertaker as a manager...maybe not. Undertaker in a role similar to his ministry of darkness role (minus the actual wrestling) works better imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittbull View Post
    With all the news about Taker being banged up and we all agree he should call it a day and leave with the 20-0 in tact. He has been an absolute legend and has nothing left to prove to anyone and for the sake of his future health he should call time to his in ring position within WWE!

    But I think keeping him as a manager type role will be pretty good! I think if he goes WWE need a new dark character and the Undertaker could help this... So I was thinking of having the Undertaker have an aprenetice that he could say he has been training showing him the way of the dark side perhaps?

    The character thou would be very different to the Undertaker. I was thinking of a character called the Nightmare, basically he just gives other WWE superstars nightmares, freaks them out basically, appears from nowhere kind of thing! I think the promos etc could be epic! I dunno just an idea let me know your thoughts!
    I'm not sure if we all agree that he should call it a day. I'm open to seeing him carry on as far as he wants to carry on.

    As far as a manger role goes, it's a no from me. Taker's not manager material, he's just not.

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    Taker is the major reason why I started watching wrestling and as the OP said he's done everything. If he's done in the ring then let his career sit amongst the legends I don't want to see him as a manager I want to remember for what he has done and that's be the greatest fella to grace the square circle.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    As much as its needed, I highly doubt there will be another undertaker. Possibly because there will only be 1 undertaker. Not to many people have been successful with a vampire/zombie/deadman gimmick. I mean, what the hell happened to Kevin Thorn?

    as for retirement, I might be the only one, but I think wrestling another mania match would be HORRIBLE. he gave his life at 28 against triple h. There should be no reason they called that match the "end of an era" and the era is still going on. Plus he is old. He has killed himself in the ring for most of his life. He should do the rumble, and then love to see a speech though, because he deserves it.

    and for the future. He needs to get out of the business. Now. No more hulk hogans and ric flairs. He has accomplished everything career wise. Maybe front office, or behind the scenes job, but in my eyes he is done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regal>Cena View Post
    He should retire whilst he can still enjoy some quality of life; that said though I feel like he might not be able to let go

    I think you could have him manage The Ascension, the gimmicks fit and they seem like a solid tag team.

    Add to that, one half of the current Tag Team champions is the Undertaker's story line brother and you have something to build a feud around.
    That would be fantastic and it would keep him on camera without having to work in ring.

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