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    Its all over. Just let it rest in peace now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Current Business View Post
    Its all over. Just let it rest in peace now.
    I would say TNA dead but I could see Billy creating own show and using most roster he has rn

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.onemanband View Post
    I would say TNA dead but I could see Billy creating own show and using most roster he has rn
    What would that have to do with TNA?

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    Name change is all

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    Just some shit I wanna get off my chest:

    1. I can't believe Lashley lost the title already. I thought he was doing a fantastic job- and I was enjoying his run as champion. He just seemed so legit to me, with the way he was destroying everyone. I wasn't against Eddie Edwards taking the title off him- but I feel as if that match should've been built up more so Eddie's win would be more meaningful... I'm still giving Eddie's run a chance though.

    2. I didn't take the Broken Hardy's seriously at first, but everything after The Final Deletion- such as promos as well as the feud with Decay had me sold on them. Love the fact that they've gotten over with the crowd, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed The Hardy's as much as now lol.

    3. Aron Rex as a babyface has been horrible for me- so the heel turn this week on Impact was perfect.

    4. Those fake reactions that are edited in need to be sorted out, they sound so theatrical. I've been enjoying Impact episodes a lot- but this week's episode fucking pissed me off to the max.

    5. Absolutely loving Allie's storyline... it's clearly leading up to a face turn. Can't wait to see her go nuts on Maria haha. I was watching clips of Cherry Bomb earlier on YouTube- and she's great in the ring. She's damn fine as well Hope she goes far.

    6. Finally, about this Corgan/Dixie situation- Tommy describes it perfectly when he says it's a mess. The future of Impact isn't looking bright at all with all these next level fuckeries.

    And that's it from me

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    I hated allie when she did that scream as heel but shes winning me over u should ssee the match she had with rush

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    So apparently baldy Billy's gone from TNA now. He still hasn't been paid back though. Just as much his fault as it is TNA's though.

    I wonder what the hell this means for creative direction now? Who's in charge of that? This mess is far from over.

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    Im guessing its Al Snow tommy or D Lo Brown

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    Maybe the new executive that Anthem put in charge? Fight network do air a ton of wrestling content. They should have a better grasp of the business.

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