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    And now the rambling of a "new" TNA buyer can happen once more.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    investor? i feel lied to

    true dag. the matches feel awkward

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    oh god! i can see where this match will end to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonestarpunk View Post
    oh god! i can see where this match will end to...
    sting doesn't lose clean.

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    ok, well guess i was wrong. i was expecting a bunch of run ins

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    The investor is the only thing keeping me interested now. Sadly, I an contemplating to stop watching TNA once more. I was sick of this Abusive Power storyline in WWE. I don't need it in TNA now.

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    you are right about the investor, but these things always blow up in their face. last week was horrible! this week wasnt much better. has al snow or whoever found a lost book by russo?

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    I felt this show was terrible... the first hour felt like a huge talkathon, with a 12 man match that I don't remember having a single tag, just folks rolling in and out of the ring.

    The second hour wasn't much better, but I guess they had to get around Sting's no Title match deal somehow. I think they paced the show poorly, which is why Kurt's match was pushed back.

    I was disappointed in the Wolves debut, like.. everything about it.

    TNA essentially has only two major stories:

    Faction vs Faction
    Owner vs Owner
    Heel Authority

    They just rotate them out and/or mix them
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    Ratings Increase

    Impact Wrestling last night scored 1.21 which is an increase for 12% from the week before. I understand with football ending that it would increase but last night was the highest rating in the past 2 years! Like for me the only thing that holds my interest is The Wolves. I want hard hitting action with intense promos. What arthur thoughts on the ratings? Who would u like to c be more involved? Who is the Invester?
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    Part of that ratings increase is bc of me haha. Recently been tuning into TNA again after a 3 and a half year hiatus. Basicaly bc Hogan is gone.

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