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    Does Eric Young deserves the belt?

    Does Eric Young deserves to be world champion or not, what's your opinion???

    I going say it not arguing his credentials when it comes to titles and achievements, probably he does deserve it but to early to say!!!
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    i like EY. but no i don't think he should be the champ. there was like no build for it. would have been better to big him up again.

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    Yes he deserves it because of his accomplishements since he debuted in TNA, but I have the feeling that his reign as champ will be boring and he will be take beatings after beatings and he'll appear weak in his matches. His match vs Magnus was boring he was not competitive in the ring. Time will tell...
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    I think he absolutely deserves it, but the way he won it pretty much completely out of the blue really takes away from it, much like how Paige won the Divas title in WWE (not quite that level of out of the blue of course, but still).
    But yeah, there should have been more of a build up and a story behind it I think. Personally, I think TNA did it in this half cooked way to try and counter Daniel Bryan winning the world title in WWE.
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    Is he what I would consider world title material? Probably not. Does he deserve the world title? Yes. EY is a likeable character that's over with the fans. I agree there should have been better build up. Honestly I think it should have happened on this next weeks show. Use the spoilers to your advantage. Much like when WCW attempted to spoil Mankind winning the wwf title I think this is something fans would tune in to see.

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    tommy unlike paige, young is a comic wrestler, who has just been getting out of that spot. paige has a backstory people may be familiar with.

    does young deserve to be tna champion? sure, its tna. ok, jokes aside. no, young doesnt "deserve" it. he hasnt done anything to DESERVE to be a WORLD CHAMPION. to me this would be like santino going back to his old gimmick in ovw, becoming a more serious guy and winning the title after a month.

    i like young, he is a entertaining to watch but if they wanted to focus young to be taken more serious, they should have built him up to be. give it till the end of the year or start him off next year.

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    It's strange... Last time I watched TNA he was tag champ with a diva, now he's world champion. He deserves it but they definitely should have more build. Still, rather him than Magnus.

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    Asking if someone deserves the TNA title is like asking if they deserve to wear shoes. It's really just something to wear

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    Hes the heart and soul of TNA only guy i could see thsts more desrving is Daniels

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